*Spoiler* JoJo Offerman has been released from WWE

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*Spoiler* JoJo Offerman has been released from WWE

JoJo Offerman, Bray Wyatt's partner and mother of his children, has long since disappeared from the scene, with the girl who initially started a career as a wrestler together with Eva Marie, who then hadn't taken her anywhere.

She was later put in the ring as an announcer, until 2019 where she completely disappeared, leaving the WWE Universe wondering what happened while rumors surrounded that JoJo had been removed from the "institutional" role of ring announcer and would be returning as a partner on the ring by Bray Wyatt.

These rumors obviously weren't confirmed later.

JoJo Offerman hasn't been seen on WWE TV for several years

According to PW Insider Mike Johnson, JoJo Offerman was quietly released from WWE six to eight months ago.

Unfortunately, however, there is no certain date or a certain reason. JoJo had been hired at WWE in 2013 and had been part of the Total Divas cast in the first season alongside Eva Marie, continuing to appear sporadically in subsequent seasons.

She has now moved with Bray Wyatt and together they have two children, the second born in May 2020. Obviously, we haven't seen her in the role of ring announcer or backstage interviewer for a while, probably due to the two pregnancies and the newly discovered firing.

. Now neither of them, she and Bray, are part of the company anymore, with her husband being fired on July 31, 2021, shocking the whole world of wrestling. The wrestler was released, according to Dave Meltzer who spoke to John Laurinaitis, due to budget cuts even though he was due to return in August and had already been booked for some shows but quite surprisingly WWE opted for this particular and sensational choice.

Now, of course, we have to see what the future of the couple will be, for now, it seems that JoJo Offerman is more focused on being a full-time mother, while Bray may surprise us by moving to another federation to continue her career in wrestling.

Offerman joined the company back in 2013 and was added to the cast of Total Divas for the first season. The star then made the decision to leave the show in order to focus on in-ring training, before an injury forced her to step into a ring announcing role.

For several years of her career, JoJo worked as a ring announcer on NXT and Monday Night RAW, before then going on hiatus in the fall of 2018. JoJo has been part of just three matches in her career, all of which came back in 2013 as part of the feud between The Total Divas and The Real Divas. JoJo teamed up with Eva Marie and Natalya in her first match on RAW and emerged victorious despite not being tagged in.