*Spoiler* Nia Jax takes a bad shot in the eye

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*Spoiler* Nia Jax takes a bad shot in the eye

Unfortunately, as you all know by now, in WWE as in all the pro-wrestling companies in the world, injuries for athletes can be on the agenda. If last week in the episode of Monday Night Raw it was Natalya, literally hit by Dodudrop, who had bent her ankle in a completely unnatural way, forcing her to leave the ring with the help of two people, this week it was instead the turn of a former tag team champion of the company, getting hurt, but this time losing a lot of blood, after having suffered a blow near one eye, which could have been much more dangerous.

We are talking about Nia Jax. She the former tag team champion, she was in fact scheduled in a match against the former world champion of the red show, Rhea Ripley and apparently she would now understand why the ex NXT girl is called The Nightmare.

Nia Jax takes a bad shot in the eye

In her match against Rhea Ripley, at one point, Nia Jax received a fortuitous stiff blow near the eye, which literally opened her eyebrow, starting to bleed very profusely, with fans immediately noticing the thing and got scared for the girl.

With much nonchalance, however, Nia Jax continued as if nothing were her match, bringing it to an end, including the post-match plans, which also saw Shayna Baszler meddling in the ring, who was sent on stage with Nia Jax still covered in blood.

After several segments in which it was Nia Jax who unintentionally hurt her colleagues, you will surely remember the match against Kairi Sane, where Jax literally opened her head throwing her against the steel steps of the entrance to the ring, this time to get hurt unintentionally it was the mammoth athlete of Raw, who however completed all the evening's programs in the best way and with impeccable professionalism.

We'll see if after the show Nia Jax had to undergo stitches to close the wound, or if she was simply medicated, and then come back stronger than ever next week, maybe just with an eye patch. Speaking in a WWE Network interview, Reginald – now known simply as Reggie – explained in character that he pretended to be French for Carmella.

“Look, I’m not from France,” Reggie said. “I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve been a fan of WWE my entire life. I saw a poster that Carmella needed a sommelier. I thought, ‘I can do that.’ But she wanted me to speak French and also speak in a French accent.

I’m like, ‘If I need to do this, I certainly can.’ But that was never the goal. My goal was to get a foot into the door and now I’m the 24/7 Champion”.