*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre gets a huge win

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*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre gets a huge win

The episode opens immediately with the entry of WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY, accompanied by the usual MVP! The All Mighty reaffirms his respect for Goldberg, but claims he will defeat him and MVP, like a parrot in layman's terms, repeats the same concept.

Shortly after comes GOLDBERG! Da Man seems very pissed off and promises that his rival's champion days are about to die because ... I'm NEXT! Goldberg leaves, while Lashley gets tough with the son of the former Universal Champions and MVP teases him heavily ...

GOLDBERG GO BACK ... SPEAR ON MVP !!! From Man and his son they leave, while the All Mighty assists his boss. Backstage we see DREW MCINTYRE ready for the Handicap Match! Drew McIntyre was dominating early on but Veer managed to take him down for a bit before Drew wiped him out with a neckbreaker and knocked Shanky off the apron.

Jinder and his squad all got steel chairs and Drew went and got his sword.

Drew McIntyre stayed in the ring

Drew wiped Jinder and Veer out and Shanky retreated on his own while McIntyre stayed in the ring, brandishing his sword.

The power of the sword -Handicap Match 1 Vs 2: Drew McIntyre Vs Shanky & Veer w Jinder Mahal Despite the numerical inferiority, the Scotsman seems to have the upper hand without even major problems. The two long-haired people take it long enough, with Veer suffering a devastating Spinebuster.

At this point, Mahal understands that the shack must be saved and... SITTING ON THE SCOTTISH AND HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED !!! The trio takes three chairs, while Drew thinks well of getting his sword back. In any context, the three chairs should win ...

but we are in WWE and the Scotsman manages to make everyone run away with his toy! Backstage we see JINDER MAHAL vowing revenge for being attacked by the sword (no, it's not a cartoon). Back after a break on RAW, Ripley managed to hit a hurricanrana on Jax before going up top for a missile dropkick.

Nia got a leg drop for a near fall and Ripley went for the Riptide when Baszler ran a distraction. Jax was the one who got distracted at the end and Ripley rolled her over for the win. Jax was not happy with Baszler for interfering and the two had a little exchange before Baszler walked off. Ripley returned after Shayna left and wiped out Jax with a Riptide.