*Spoiler* Dominant victory for Omos in Raw

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*Spoiler* Dominant victory for Omos in Raw

The second part of Raw opens backstage, where we see a message from NIA JAX and SHAYNA BASZLER towards RHEA RIPLEY, with the two facing off shortly! -Rhea Ripley Vs Nia Jax w Shayna Baszler Nia starts well and puts the former champion in great difficulty after several shots, even if the Samoan is clumsy and badly misses an attack in the running.

Rhea reacts with several elbows and Nia is severely injured in the face. Despite her blood, Jax seems to be in control ... SHAYNA DISTRACTS RHEA ... BUT THE AUSTRALIAN MOVES AND ROLLS UP ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! Nia and Shayna almost go face to face and the Queen Of Spades decides to leave ...

RHEA'S BIG BOOT ON NIA AND ... RIPTIDE TO SIGN !!! Old memories -Alì & Mansoor Vs Mace & T-Bar The derby of the Retribution sees the two oriental athletes start well and touch the victory after a beautiful Tornado DDT of Alì!

Ali himself prepares from the third rope, but Mansoor (randomly) hinders and wastes time, favoring the return of the opponents and ... BIG BOOT OF T-BAR ON MANSOOR AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! Mace and T-Bar, perhaps still pissed about the great success of the Retribution in the past, think it well to spread Ali with a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM !!!

Backstage we see RAW CHAMPION NIKKI A.S.H getting ready for tonight's match! Riddle has been one of the most entertaining characters on WWE RAW for some time. He got to show off his skills once again as he took on the giant Omos in a one-on-one match.

Raw: Riddle tried to fight his way back into the match

CHARLOTTE FLAIR arrives in the ring! Queen, in addition to replicating the pro-Becky chants of the Chicago public, claims that she was defeated by a coward and that winning the title by cash is cowardly ...

ok. The former female titleholder takes a chair and a kendo stick and renews the challenge to Nikki, proposing a No Holds Barred Match ... NIKKI A.S.H HITS CHARLOTTE FROM BEHIND WITH A CHAIR !!! The champion stays in the ring, while Charlotte is out watching the Scot!

Backstage, we see the interview with EVA MARIE & DOUDROP, with the two who seem oriented towards the upcoming challenge against the couple champion TAMINA! -Tamina Vs Doudrop w Eva Marie Eva immediately distracts Tamina and Doudrop takes advantage of it, crashing her into the stake.

The champion struggles to react, but she is good at resisting and manages to avoid a Senton of Doudrop ... SAMOAN DROP SUDDEN BY TAMINA !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! Shortly after, ALEXA BLISS appears rather amused and making fun of Eva Marie!

Backstage we see RIDDLE and DAMIAN PRIEST, with the former being ready to face the duo champions alone and not afraid of being alone. The two then greet each other in a strange way and it all ends there. We are ready for Miz TV!

In the ring, we find JOHN MORRISON & THE MIZ, with the Awesome who immediately introduces DAMIEN PRIEST! The two funny guys provoke Priest, while the latter asks if Miz is really injured or is pretending out of fear. Shortly after, Damien proposes a match with Morrison ...

AND PRIEST HUNT AWAY MORRISON !!! Damien takes the water guns and ... MIZ GETS COMPLETELY WET !!! -Damien Priest Vs John Morrison w The Miz The two respond blow for blow, but Morrison misses a running attack and is smashed to the ground by a sort of Dominator in a minor tone, allowing Priest to win!

Damien wins the Raw match ... BUT IS ATTACKED BY THE US SHEAMUS CHAMPION ... RICOCHET ARRIVES TO DRAW THE ACCOUNTS !!! -Damien Priest & Ricochet Vs John Morrison & Sheamus The couple match is immediately sanctioned, with the two villains dominating but, thanks to Ricochet's overbearing return, they lose control of the challenge!

Ricochet performs a Moonsault and knocks out the US champion, while Priest ... HIT THE LIGHTS ON MORRISON AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! Backstage we see MVP and WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY, with the latter accepting Goldberg's challenge and saying he'll make SummerSlam pay for it!

A dominant victory for Omos is a good sign for the superstar, who will likely become one of the company's top giants.