Becky Lynch's return is further and further away

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Becky Lynch's return is further and further away

Now with Becky Lynch absent from the scene since May 2020, we are all there carving the lines that count the days on the wall as we hope to get closer and closer to her return to WWE. Months and months passed, from about January 2021, to read that Becky will be back soon, perhaps at the Royal Rumble, perhaps at Wrestlemania or perhaps at Money in the Bank, but nothing to do, the redhead is still not seen.

The last hope is to be able to see her again at Summerslam, the stage that saw her protagonist in 2018 in her betrayal against her best friend Charlotte Flair, where The Man really began to take hold. In July, we kept you updated practically every week, trying together with the entire WWE Universe to understand when the former double champion of Wrestlemania 35 would actually return.

The latest news on Becky Lynch

At WrestleMania 36 Night 1, Becky Lynch faced off against Shayna Baszler in a match for the WWE RAW Women's Championship. Lynch came out on top after she successfully countered the Kirifuda Clutch into a pin to keep Baszler's shoulders down for the three count.

Lynch did not compete for another month before she was scheduled to make an announcement on the RAW after WWE Money in the Bank. There, she revealed that she was pregnant, so she relinquished the WWE RAW Women's Championship.

The title went to Asuka, who had won the Women's Money in the Bank match the previous night. Lynch gave birth to her daughter, Roux, in December last year. Our PW Insider colleague, Mike Johnson, in the last few hours has updated us on the situation of one of the most anticipated returns of the WWE, letting us know that, although the plans may always change at the last minute, for now, there are no plans for her to Summerslam.

He also added: "The rumor circulating on WWE TV recordings over the past week was that she would be back on TV this fall, with October openly discussed." We remind you that the dates of the famous WWE Draft have been moved from August to October, with the Queen of the Ring tournament being held in the month of the scariest party of the year.

Also keep your eyes open because according to what was reported by Sean Ross Sapp, The Man could make her return to a roster that is not that of Raw, perhaps also helped by the above-mentioned Draft. We just have to wait for further updates and who knows, maybe WWE will decide to surprise everyone and bring Becky Lynch back in a totally random or unexpected moment so as not to ruin her much-needed return.

Meanwhile, the WWE Universe during the shows on the road continues with its chorus "Becky Becky Becky!"