WWE makes a mistake with fake crowd noises

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WWE makes a mistake with fake crowd noises

This Monday, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw aired directly from Chicago which, as always, gave us a very special show that we may like or not. During this event, the WWE Universe, once again the protagonist of the WWE on the road tour that fortunately resumed after the pandemic, made itself heard, but not completely.

In fact, there were some chants, obviously more than expected, pro-Bray Wyatt and CM Punk. In fact, in two segments these names came out screaming loudly by the public. But not only that, in fact even during the much discussed promo of Charlotte Flair, the fans obviously did not miss the opportunity to express the desire to see Becky Lynch in WWE, screaming her name.

But will what we hear from the audience all be true?

WWE added some audience noises

At some point on the Raw show, WWE makes a serious mistake that does not go unnoticed, with fans from home who are always ready to report anything.

In fact, during the entry of Scotsman Drew McIntyre, the voice of Michael Cole, who we remember being the commentator of SmackDown, is clearly heard, saying: "16 times world champion" while Raw colleague Jimmy Smith is speaking.

Of course, it wasn't intentional, with Stamford's company using an audio from a Summerslam commercial. In fact, the two audio apparently did not overlap, but unfortunately it happened. Obviously, adding the noise of the audience is a technique that was used during the Pandemic Era, specifically in the Thunderdome, in order to fill the silence left by the absence of the audience in person.

In the end, it's also pretty easy to see if the audience actually has a certain kind of reaction, because the ears may be fooled, but the eyes can't. In a sensational Tweet, Rousey wrote, "I've seen you same 'fans' changing #WeWantWyatt last night, chanting 'We want beach balls' over Bray Wyatt performing.

If the WWE treated him like he was expendable it was because you ungrateful idiots did first." Rousey clearly felt strongly about this, calling fans 'ungrateful idiots' for supporting Wyatt one minute and then criticizing him the next.

This comes after the Chicago crowd at this week's RAW hijacked the show with irrelevant chants like 'CM Punk' and, of course, 'We Want Wyatt." Although Wyatt hasn't been on WWE television since WrestleMania in April, the news of his release still came as quite a shock to many as he was considered to be one of the company's top attractions and biggest stars.