Fandango Speaks About How He Became Fandango

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Fandango Speaks About How He Became Fandango

Fandango is a former WWE Superstar and he spoke about how he became Fandango, which was a very popular faction in the professional wrestling world. Fandango was pushed almost as soon as he made his debut. He was very well known for his feud with Chris Jericho and his debut at WrestleMania.

Even though he had a very good debut, he couldn’t carry the momentum for a very long time and was rarely used by WWE before he was released. He recently joined the Such Good Shoot podcast. He spoke about how he became Fandango.

He was originally called Johnny Curtis.

Fandango Speaks About The Transition From Johnny Curtis to Fandango

It’s actually it’s a weird story,” Fandango recalled. “So at the time, my old tag partner, Tyler Rex, and I were tag champs in FCW.

And he got called up to ECW around like 2008 or nine, and he didn’t really end up doing too much. Then Curt Hawkins was kind of floating so they put Curt Hawkins, Brian Myers, and Rex together. And they had they wanted them to come out every week as like firefighters or doctors and do a strip stripper gimmick, which is kind of like what Breeze and I were doing in NXT.

So they did it a couple of times. I think they debuted once on TV. They came out did, some dance and then I remember they were in like Texas or something and Rex just asked for his release. He just didn’t want to do it anymore.

Hawkins just like ‘what the f**k’, you know. They were booked on every live event for months, and then he just didn’t want to do it. So which I can understand. It’s his life, it’s his career. So Hawkins went to the office and goes ‘what about John Curtis? You know, put me with Johnny Curtis.’ And they go ‘yeah, that’s a good idea.’ And then the office comes to me and goes ‘we’re just gonna have you do the dancing gimmick.

Myers isn’t gonna do it.’ Like, Hawkins will tell the story cause Hawkins didn’t really want to do it anyways. But if it’s one of those things, man, they come up to you and are like ‘you’re going to be a cheerleader and we’re going to put you on TV for a year straight.

And you’re going to be on everything, but you’re going to be a stupid gimmick.’ What are you going to do? So I was in the same kind of situation. Like obviously I wanted them to ask me to be in the shield.

But they’re like ‘Vince, you really likes this character.’ I mean, what are you going to say?”