Possible reason behind Ric Flair's release

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Possible reason behind Ric Flair's release

Within two days, we learned a lot of news about Ric Flair, especially the fact that he was obviously fired from WWE and that he would have required him to be dismissed for creative differences. The Nature Boy now appeared sporadically within the Stamford-based company's programming and was mainly involved in storylines with his daughter Charlotte Flair.

In fact, the two have this bond that never seems to break, when in reality, especially on Charlotte's side, there is a desire to detach a little from the surname she bears to leave her legacy in wrestling.

Is Ric Flair dissatisfied with his daughter's booking?

Further news emerges on the dismissal of Ric Flair from WWE, in fact, according to what Dave Meltzer reported in his Wrestling Observer Radio, the Hall of Famer would have contacted Vince McMahon by phone to complain about a booking problem.

Specifically, it seems that Ric is not appreciating the current situation in which his daughter Charlotte Flair finds himself and it is also for this reason that he has decided to leave the company. These are the words of Meltzer: “He sent messages, I think they were SMS.

He sent a message to Vince McMahon where he practically complains about the booking and Charlotte Flair's situation. I saw that it was his decision to leave, but I know from some people I know who are close to this situation, that it was Vince's decision."

These words are quite heavy, also because they would also put Charlotte in serious difficulty, who perhaps, indeed, almost certainly, did not ask her father to go and complain about her booking. We also want to underline how, yes Charlotte Flair found herself in an awkward situation after Money In The Bank, but in any case it is three weeks in a row that she has a lot of space during the weekly episodes of Raw.

Obviously, between Andrade and Ric Flair, who were released within a few months, there is the suspicion that she too may eventually leave unsatisfied with the creative choices, but for now nothing of her has come out of her mouth.

But you can read the words of Ric Flair, who yesterday broke the silence on his Instagram account. Andrade and Flair have gotten incredibly close in recent years thanks to Andrade's engagement to Charlotte Flair. The 16-time world champion has spoken publicly about Andrade a hand full of times, considering him one of the greatest talents in the sport today.