Baron Corbin responds to insults on social media

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Baron Corbin responds to insults on social media

One of the most important and most followed characters of the last period of Friday Night Smackdown is the now ex-King of the Ring of the Stamford-based company: Baron Corbin. After having dominated it for months, with the king of the WWE ring who had also built his own stable, alongside Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, with the three chasing the former Shield hound, Roman Reigns, when the latter was still one of the WWE babyfaces, there was a real meltdown for Corbin on the Smackdown TV screens.

Due to the feud against Shinsuke Nakamura, who also blew him the kingly crown that Corbin had been wearing for months, the character brought to the scene by Baron has started a very interesting path for fans, in a so-called "from stars to rags", with the character brought to the scene by the wrestler of the blue show that is captivating fans of the WWE Universe, for the ability to show sadness, desolation and demoralization in every episode of Smackdown.

The new character of Corbin is in fact an almost depressed character, who is interesting and not just the fans of the company, to understand where this storyline will lead.

Baron Corbin lost his crown to Shinsuke Nakamura recently

For those who haven't been following the WWE product recently, Baron Corbin won the King of the Ring tournament in 2019 to become King Corbin.

Staying true to his heelish King gimmick, Baron Corbin flexed on his expensive Rolex and luxury cars. He stated how no fan could match the level of luxuries he was enjoying in his life. However, Corbin lost his crown to Shinsuke Nakamura recently, and things have been on a downward spiral for the former Mr.

Money in the Bank ever since. Given the nature of Baron Corbin's gimmick, fans are wondering whether Corbin is poor in real life as well. This is especially the case when one considers the fact that some loyal fans have started a Go Fund Me campaign for Baron Corbin.

Obviously, all this also leads several idiots to write on the social networks of the well-known fighter, who have never stopped writing insults and very heavy sentences against the WWE King of the Ring, never considering the fact that he is a character purposely staged and not a true attitude of the person who is Baron outside the WWE rings.

Recently, a fan tweeted: "You should call 911 because you can't afford a gun to blow your loser head off." To this, Baron Corbin simply replied with a: "People are something ... This." Apparently, not even the former King of the Ring has found words to diffuse this nastiness and frustration on the part of certain subjects and has left his fans and followers a way to draw conclusions for themselves.