Ronda Rousey comments on Bray Wyatt's release

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Ronda Rousey comments on Bray Wyatt's release

In recent days, nothing has been done but speaking rightly of the Bray Wyatt-WWE affair, with the talent who wore the Fiend mask on the rings of Monday Night Raw, which received the backing from the company of McMahons, after years of work on the federation square.

After several waves of layoffs, Wyatt's name also arrived on the list of people too expensive and not very useful for WWE to be able to continue to pay and overnight, like a bolt from the blue, the federation thus decided to fire the talent.

Apparently, for one of Bray's former colleagues, we are talking in this case of Ronda Rousey, a WWE athlete who's currently pregnant with her first child, the blame for the dismissal of the former leader of the Wyatt Family is because of the fans of the company, who're said to have never supported the wrestler properly.

According to what was stated in the latest message posted on her social networks, the blame for the dismissal of Bray Wyatt, according to Ronda Rousey, would be attributable to the fans of the company, who didn't make it clear to McMahons how much they wanted to see Bray in the federation's rings, thus bringing executives to do without him.

Ronda Rousey on Bray Wyatt

Ronda wrote: "I saw you same 'fans' singing #WeWantWyatt last night also singing 'We Want Beach Balls' on Bray Wyatt's performances. If the WWE treated him as if he were expendable, it is your fault that you ungrateful idiots, who did it before."

The attitude of several fans, therefore, has been at the basis of the problems that arose with the time between the company and the athlete, which led to the release of Wyatt, with WWE ultimately not considering him as irreplaceable as it was at the beginning and the fault lies with the fans, according to Ronda Rousey.

WWE also quietly released Bray Wyatt's real-life partner Jojo Offerman. The pair have two children together, and Wyatt has two children from a previous relationship. It's not clear if Bray Wyatt will be returning to wrestling elsewhere in some capacity or if he has decided to call it a day.