Vince Russo opens up on Charlotte Flair

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Vince Russo opens up on Charlotte Flair

WWE has recently returned to hosting its fans in arenas after more than a year, with the hope that this is the beginning of a gradual return to normalcy. The attention of the management is already projected on SummerSlam, the most important pay-per-view of the summer, but the latest releases made by the company have certainly not gone unnoticed.

The layoffs of Bray Wyatt and Ric Flair have literally shocked the WWE Universe, leading experts to formulate a whole series of hypotheses about the reasons behind their estrangement. As for the 16-time world champion, there are rumors of creative differences also linked to his daughter Charlotte Flair, one of the symbolic faces of the Stamford-based federation for some time.

During the last edition of 'Legion of RAW' on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo dwelt at length on the character of Charlotte Flair, who is struggling more than usual to capture the attention of the public.

Vince Russo reflects on Charlotte Flair

“A comparison to baseball comes to mind: we could define the pitcher as an innings eater. Charlotte Flair has the same function, she is a minute eater. Get Charlotte in the ring and she will record a ten minute promo” - explained Vince Russo.

On the latest episode of Raw in Chicago, superstars had a hard time creating an immersive atmosphere. “I didn't miss this detail, I was just about to get there. When I watch WWE shows, I feel really bad thinking about the talent situation on the roster.

There was no emotion at the last show in Chicago, not even when established champions performed. As Charlotte promoted her, it was almost like she was fighting an audience that didn't want to hear her. You don't have to put your stars in such a scenario.

It's the worst feeling in the world for someone doing that job. Nothing is worse than going out there and not hearing the reaction of the fans, but it's not the athletes' fault” - commented Russo. Particularly audible were the choirs praising CM Punk, about to sign with AEW.

Charlotte Flair’s number of titles has been hotly disputed over the years. While she has held 14 titles in NXT and WWE, not all of those reigns count toward her official championship tally. As shown below, WWE’s Twitter account referred to Flair as a 14-time Women’s Champion after her win over Ripley.

Prior to WWE Money in the Bank, The Queen also described herself as a 13-time Women’s Champion in her social media bios.