Vince Russo finally compliments WWE

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Vince Russo finally compliments WWE
Vince Russo finally compliments WWE

Former member of the Monday Night Raw creative team Vince Russo often criticizes what characterizes the company and in general his former colleagues, creatives at WWE. Almost every week we see a Russian annoyed by what happens in the world's biggest wrestling company, but this week we were amazed by his behavior and his words.

In fact, for the first time in a long time, Vince Russo has expressed praise for a WWE segment, appreciating the work of the creative team and everything WWE has done. The segment in question was not prominent but Russo certainly appreciated what Vince McMahon's company did.

Vince Russo was a former WWE writer

During the last episode of Legion of Raw on Sportkeeda Wrestling, former Raw creative team member Vince Russo discussed with Dr. Chris Featherstone. The segment in question concerned a backstage meeting between Matt Riddle and Damien Priest and the WWE also included 'real' people in the shots and at one point we saw a woman quietly pass by talking about her on the phone.

WWE's goal was to give even more credibility to the segment and according to Vince Russo, it succeeded. Here are Vince Russo's words: "I think this was the best moment of the evening for a creative, I speak with the eyes of a person who did this.

In the segment between Riddle and Priest, we have seen Riddle cut several times and WWE made him look like the laziest segment in the world, suddenly we notice that in reality, the wrestlers do nothing and that in the background there was a woman walking around thinking about his business and looking at his cell phone.

They did this segment to give a meaning of reality to what happens in Wrestling and it was a good idea. This is reality and it is useful, it is really useful." Bobby Lashley has MVP in his corner, whether it comes to partying with pretty women or just being a source of inspiration to become a killing machine.

But could Goldberg, a man who has traditionally hunted alone, have a cornerman of his own as well at SummerSlam 2021? Yes, it could be someone we saw on WWE RAW this week! Gage Goldberg could certainly add a very distinct flavor to the upcoming clash between his father and the WWE Champion.

So far, it's just been billed as a battle of two men made of granite. If Gage Goldberg enters the equation, as he seemingly did this week, it would add a new dimension to the upcoming fight.

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