WWE producers were following AEW

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WWE producers were following AEW

Between the WWE and the AEW, obviously, there is no good blood and the thing has become clear for months now. If WWE has been the company "to beat" for almost several years, All Elite Wrestling is instead the main company of the McMahon competition, which puts the entire crew of the Stamford-based federation more and more in thought.

In the last two years, with all the releases made by the WWE, the All Elite has managed to increase the athletic side of its roster more and more, going to strengthen more and more, with the spearheads that are about to arrive (if the rumors will turn out to be true), namely CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, who will make the number two company of America make the leap, perhaps sending it ever closer to the value and competition of the WWE.

From this point of view, even the same managers of the Stamford company are trying to protect themselves in every way, going to counter all the initiatives of the Khans, perhaps going to anticipate every movement of the AEW, such as the return to the public from alive, which Stamford executives and the broadcasters that air Raw and Smackdown have been so insistent on.

WWE producers watch Dynamite during NXT

During one of the last episodes of the yellow show that were recorded by WWE, some producers who were intent on conducting the matches live, while the tapings were staged, were likewise intent on keeping an eye on what the competition was instead.

broadcasting live on TNT television screens. All of this would obviously have been staged by the WWE CWC last Wednesday night, the day of programming the main product of the company of the Khan family, with some fans of the WWE Universe in the audience who would have recorded everything with their mobile phone, sending it online on their social pages.

From the video it is clear how the producers keep an eye on everything that is broadcast on the rival company's rings, or to take a cue or simply to see what happens on the most important square outside the WWE in the USA and in the world.

AEW has steadily built up an incredible roster of wrestling talent. Stars from the independent circuit, guests from other promotions and many released WWE Superstars are all coming together in Tony Khan's promotion. We've seen former WWE talent like Malakai Black, Miro, Andrade El Idolo, Matt Hardy, Christian, Dustin Rhodes, FTR and Shawn Spears all get the spotlight on AEW Dynamite.