WWE continues to monetize over Bray Wyatt's name

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WWE continues to monetize over Bray Wyatt's name

The news has now gone around the world in every way: Bray Wyatt is no longer a WWE wrestler because he was fired by the number one company in the world, after keeping him in the upper floors of his shows for years and after having seen the creation of one of the most iconic and original characters of the last few years of pro-wrestling.

The chants of the fans of the Stamford-based company, or the insults rained on social networks, were of no use. The WWE still wanted to release its former WWE Champion, preferring instead to do without his salary, one of the highest among the Superstars, because apparently, the creative ideas of the athlete no longer found the meeting with the thinking of the WWE executives and the Stamford company's booking team.

WWE released Bray Wyatt a few days ago

WWE released Bray Wyatt a few days ago, sending the wrestling world into a frenzy. Now, some news has emerged surrounding his hiatus from WWE before his release. According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Bray Wyatt was absent from WWE after WrestleMania 37 because he had a physical issue that wasn't concussion related.

Barraso further noted that Wyatt was medically cleared last Thursday before being released just two days later. Despite being released last week, WWE is still continuing to monetize on the name of its fired athlete, selling all the merchandise it previously sold on its official shop, as the Bray Wyatt name and The Fiend name are owned by the company.

company of the McMahons. Unlike Brock Lesnar and his merchandise, which was immediately withdrawn after his release from the McMahon-owned company, which arrived shortly after Wrestlemania 36, ​​when the contract with WWE had reached its natural end, as far as Wyatt is concerned, the merchandise remained all on the shop and several items of clothing would also have entered a discount, up to 30%, for fans who buy it immediately.

The only way not to see more of the merchandise within the official WWE show is a contract signed first between the two parties, which no longer provides for the creation and above all the sale of such items, once the agreement between the two parts.

Precisely that was the WWE agreement with Brock Lesnar, who has always owned his name and his brand, so much so that he received almost all the proceeds of his merchanside. A good way, this, to continue to do well even with Superstars who are no longer paid by the company, but who still bring the same money to McMahons, only with products dedicated to them.