How much power does Paul Heyman have in WWE?

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How much power does Paul Heyman have in WWE?

One of the most talked-about characters for his transition from WWE to AEW rings in recent weeks, within just a month of his release, was former Aleister Black, who has now become Malakai Black in Dynamite's rings, who started a bloody feud with Cody Rhodes on his ring debut with AEW, immediately upon his arrival.

After spending several months in the "oblivion" of the WWE, Black had returned to be seen in the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, where he had begun an immediately interrupted feud, however, with Big E, who had been attacked by the wrestler's Black Mass.

dark and all this has never found an explanation, due to the dismissal that came from day to night of Aleister. If for his wife Zelina Vega the doors of the WWE have easily reopened, for Black instead those of the AEW have opened.

Paul Heyman technically never left Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman was by Brock Lesnar's side until his last match with WWE at WrestleMania 36. Brock Lesnar lost to Drew McIntyre on that occasion, marking the end of his WWE run.

He was expected to re-sign, but with WWE having empty arena shows for over a year, perhaps the company didn't want to reduce Brock Lesnar's larger-than-life presence.

Paul Heyman technically never left Brock Lesnar

In his latest interview with Talk Is Jericho, an important podcast from legendary colleague Chris Jericho, the AEW wrestler wanted to talk about WWE's Mad Genius, currently alongside Roman Reigns on Friday Night Smackdown TV screens, Paul Heyman, saying: "From day one, Paul and I became one.

I love that man. He's always been good to me. He has always been friendly and direct with me and I appreciate the people who are with me, who don't hang around us, just tell me how things are going, especially in business.

Paul had great ideas, not just with me, but with a lot of young people like Buddy Murphy. He once told me he was in control that night, which was the first night. After that, he just became a struggle. Maybe 'fight' is not the right word, but a debate.

I can understand, but I can also get you there. Each time we walked into a room and fought tooth and nail to get the best we could out of our schedule." Paul Heyman was associated with Brock Lesnar early in his WWE career as The Beast Incarnate went on to become the youngest world champion in the company's history at that point.