John Cena discusses WWE politics

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John Cena discusses WWE politics

After several rumors, WWE legend John Cena has finally made his comeback in the Pay per View of Money in the Bank. The superstar, a recent part-time wrestler due to his commitments as an actor and true Hollywood star, spoke in a recent interview with USA Today's Brian Truitt.

The two discussed many issues, from his return to the company of Vince McMahon up to the age issue: although fans would always like to see him John Cena is starting to make a certain age for the world of wrestling and you could slowly consider alternatives.

Cena has admitted that he wishes there was a fountain of eternal youth to continue to lend a hand to WWE but he is aware that it does not work that way.

Backstage News on John Cena

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, it was announced that in the next Pay per View at SummerSlam John Cena will challenge the Tribal Chief and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Here are the words of the Boston wrestler: "Of course I wish there was a fountain of youth or something like that to be a full-time WWE contributor. In general, the longer WWE continues to bet on 'old' wrestlers, the less the future of the company is.

stable. I have often in the past scolded those who do not work efficiently with WWE but it must be said that when I was young I happened to fail big time. I was also critical of myself and I was apprehensive, I wanted to go back to the ring immediately and receive the gratification of the public."

These words of John Cena are shared by much of the WWE Universe which has repeatedly complained about the return of 'old' wrestlers and the failure to use young stars. The 16-time world champion has now publicly acknowledged this problem and it's something WWE owner Vince McMahon definitely won't like.

We know that he gets a rematch against Corbin on WWE SmackDown (rematch because we've seen the feud before), but Cena vs Finn Balor is the feud that fans will want to see. It wouldn't even be out of the realm of possibility, because babyface or heel, every WWE SmackDown Superstar in the top spot should be competing for the Universal Championship.

Maybe in the go-home show to SummerSlam, Finn Balor and John Cena could tear it up! Maybe if John Cena wins the WWE Universal Championship, we could be in for a Balor vs Cena feud after SummerSlam. The possibilities are indeed quite limitless. And yes, they are very exciting indeed.