WWE Hall of Famer discusses Ric Flair's release

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WWE Hall of Famer discusses Ric Flair's release

The most shocking news of the last few days was undoubtedly that of the release of Ric Flair, which was added to the sensational farewell of Bray Wyatt a few days earlier. WWE has managed to continue its shows during the pandemic, but it is clear that the damage generated by an unprecedented situation is destined to continue for much longer.

Only recently has the Stamford-based federation received authorization to be able to return to host fans in the arenas, with the hope that the return to normal will take place as quickly as possible. During the latest edition of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T identified the star of AEW MJF as Ric Flair's only true successor in this business.

Listened to by 'People', the 16-time world champion spoke of his release: "We didn't agree on some business opportunities I wanted to explore, so I asked for my departure. There was no animosity, on the contrary we broke up in very friendly terms.

These are things that happen in the business world."

Booker T comments on Ric Flair

MJF has proven to be one of the best performers around, thanks in part to his remarkable microphone skills. “I think MJF is the modern Ric Flair” - said Booker T.

“They are really similar, it's like we're looking at two sides of the same coin. It would be great if they could work together someday" - he added. The former US champion expressed an interesting opinion on Ric's future: “I can't see him starting to be a manager, it's just not his role.

Flair is not one of those who want to sit behind a desk or do an office job, he feels the need to perform in front of the crowd. That is the nature of him. He once told me that he would never completely retire from wrestling.

My thought is that he might be looking for a last big stint somewhere." A landing of the 'Nature Boy' in All Elite Wrestling is therefore not excluded. Before he joined WWE, Ric Flair was one of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

His limitless charisma and outstanding in-ring ability garnered great praise from wrestling audiences worldwide. The longevity of his career further cemented his legacy, as he wrestled through five different decades. Flair's last WWE match came against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24. This dramatic encounter is regarded by many as one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.