WWE Hall of Famer pays tribute to Triple H

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WWE Hall of Famer pays tribute to Triple H

Throughout the history of WWF/E, there have been many challenges and encounters, which fans would never have imagined seeing, with two generations facing each other, splitting the audience in half, a bit like in the famous match.

of Wrestlemania X8 between Hulk Hogan and The Rock, with a business legend and an icon, (who would soon become a legend too), who clashed for the first time on the most important stage in the world of the discipline. Among the many now-legendary athletes, who at the end of their career were going to face the new generation or the wrestlers who would then keep the future of the company on their feet, there was also Ultimate Warrior; an athlete who, like many of his generation, was considered a real "prima donna" in the world of discipline, so much so that he did not submit for any reason to the decisions of others on which he did not agree, including those of the WWE management.

Obviously, by hearsay, a conclusion is never drawn on the professionalism of an athlete, but some clues could be obtained by watching some matches of the now late athlete, such as the very famous match he had against a very young Triple H, in the ring of the then WWF, when Ultimate Warrior refused to sell a Pedigree from the company's valet, squashing it in seconds instead.

In the last episode of the Grilling JR, the historic WWE commentator, now spent years behind the AEW commentary table, Jim Ross, wanted to bring to mind that time frame of Wrestlemania 12, when in just a minute and a half, Warrior Triple H ended up in the middle of the Showcase of the Immortals ring.

Jim Ross talks about Triple H

Precisely on this topic, JR has in fact told: "I'm sure it was probably Warrior who wanted that spot. The offices knew it wasn't the way to go. But you have to go meet someone who wants to get out of pedigree or doesn't want to sell it, whatever they asked for.

Once again, they went out of their way to adhere to Warrior's insecurities and paranoia." In the end, fortunately Triple H had the career he deserved in the WWE rings, with a marriage to the Boss's daughter, who surely did.

also helped to enter the management by the shortest route, but definitely very tiring, just see the huge steps forward made by NXT, with only the Triple H that initially followed the product assiduously. Speaking on his podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross revealed that there were multiple factors that led to WWE being interested in signing Triple H.

He said that Triple H wasn't just a great athlete, but also had no baggage. He did not have a wife or an ex-wife, and he did not do drugs or drink. "He was training very well and was a true student of the game. That helped him progress at a much more rapid rate than a lot of the other guys.

He did not have an ex-wife, he didn't have a ongoing wife. He didn't do drugs. He didn't even drink. So consequently he was higher on the list of talent to keep an eye on,'' said Ross.