New details on CM Punk's future

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New details on CM Punk's future
New details on CM Punk's future (Provided by Wrestling World)

CM Punk has been a very h*t topic in the pro-wrestling world since the beginning of the summer because there is a distinct feeling that the former WWE champion is heading to AEW. The Straight Edge has been away from wrestling for a long time: his last appearance in a ring remains his participation in the 2014 Royal Rumble, over seven and a half years ago.

A period of time during which a slice of diehard fans has incessantly hoped for a rethink of him. So it's safe to say there's a lot of anticipation surrounding a potential comeback, and Chris Jericho has tapped into this climate with perfectly targeted statements.

During a recent interview with 'Inside The Ropes', the historic first AEW world champion was asked if he would like to see CM Punk join All Elite Wrestling, and the Canadian once again reiterated that he agrees with the idea: "Well, I mean, the short answer is, 'Sure.'

Let's be clear, CM Punk is one of the few guys out there who has such mythology around his figure, fueled by the fact that he didn't fight for very long. time".

The latest news on CM Punk

More and more incessant rumors claim that CM Punk could make its debut on "The First Dance", the show that AEW will hold on Friday, August 30th at the United Center in Chicago (coincidentally, CM Punk's hometown).

Speaking of which, Jericho noted that all of this has already created a huge buzz around the show. “To put it plainly, the presence of CM Punk would create a huge buzz. And this would add to the already huge turmoil we have," explained the Winnipeg champion.

"And I think just the fact that I have sold 12,000 tickets at the United Center without even a name being announced, or a match being announced, shows how much anticipation there is for all of these things. So yes, we'll see what happens." WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff appeared on the 83 Weeks Podcast to speak on CM Punk's reported move to AEW.

Bischoff, who has made sporadic appearances for AEW, called Punk "a massive shot in the arm" for the promotion. (H/T: WrestlingInc) “Obviously [Punk signing with AEW] will be a massive shot in the arm, it will be a huge step forward if it happens,” Bischoff said.

“I’m a big proponent of surprise, I have such a high level in the long term benefit of establishing yourself as a platform that creates surprises on a consistent basis."

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