Nikki A.S.H Comments on Her New Persona And Title Win

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Nikki A.S.H Comments on Her New Persona And Title Win

Nikki A.S.H was formerly known as Nikki Cross and she recently spoke about her new superhero persona. She also spoke about winning the RAW Women’s Title and immediately sharing the moment with her family. Ever since taking on the superhero persona, she has become one of WWE’s top stars.

She won the Women’s Money in the Bank the year and cashed the contract that comes with it the very next night to win the title. On Ring The Belle, Nikki spoke about the victory.

Nikki A.S.H Comments on Negative Feedback That She Receives

“My husband (former WWE superstar Killian Dain) was on FaceTime and I called, you know, my mom and my family,” Nikki said.

“It was just so wonderful. Because of the time difference in Scotland, it was the middle of the night you know. So I’m calling my sister and my mom and tears were in my eyes. But I was also so happy, so they were happy.

Joyful tears. I was just over the moon”. Although she has been praised by many, she has also been criticized by many. Not many hardcore wrestling fans like the new persona. Nikki stated that she is happy regardless of the negative comments that she has received.

“When we approached this and when we came up with this, we put a lot of thought and love and a lot of time and energy into this. For me, I’m so happy to spread this message, and I’m so happy to show this character because it’s something I’m so proud of and satisfied with, and feel really fulfilled with,” Nikki said.

“So for me, for the fans who are still warming up to it, that’s okay. That’s the joy of coming to a WWE event. That’s the joy of tuning into Monday Night RAW every week. You can resonate with the message, and it might be something you resonate with right away.

Or it might just take a little time to warm up”. Nikki has played a few characters during her WWE Career. She made her debut at NXT where she played the character of an insane villain. She dumped that character after she started teaming up with Alexa Bliss and won Tag Team Titles with her.

She revealed that her current character is close to what she is in real life. “For me, there’s always a part of me in every stage. I think if you’ve been on this journey with me [you’ve seen that],” Nikki A.S.H said.

“Whether it was in SHIMMER at the Berwyn Eagles Club coming to cheer me or boo me, and then the NXT Nikki, and then the Nikki that was a tag team with Alexa, and then Nikki when me and Alexa parted. And then you’ve got now.

And I think it’s all been different parts and different layers of the personality. We’ve just spent the last five years exploring that, developing that. So I think if you’ve been on the ride with me, and this roller coaster ride with me, buckle up! Because we’re about to go to even more amazing heights”.