WWE would like to sign a new Olympic gold medalist

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WWE would like to sign a new Olympic gold medalist
WWE would like to sign a new Olympic gold medalist

In the history of WWE, there have been several characters linked to the world of entertainment or related to the world of other sports, who one day decided to try their hand at pro-wrestling, finding in Vince McMahon the perfect man to fulfill this desire, since the WWE patron has always been attracted to the worlds and the most disparate athletes.

Some of the most important characters who have been spotted for years in the WWE rings, despite not becoming famous in the United States and the world for being wrestlers, go by the name of Cain Velasquez, Ronda Rousey, Mike Tyson or Kurt Angle.

Just think of the great parable carried out by the most important and most famous Gold Medalist in the entire history of pro-wrestling, Kurt Angle, who after winning a gold medal in the discipline of wrestling at the Olympics, had decided to pursue a career in the rings of McMahon, becoming one of the main faces.

WWE winks at a new Olympic gold medalist

Apparently, if that of Kurt Angle was the first really famous name to have made such a leap from his Olympic discipline to pro-wrestling, most likely, it will certainly not be the last, after what happened on social media with the company of the McMahons.

In these Tokyo Olympics that are now being staged from the eastern country, there was the victory of yet another gold medal for America, in the discipline of wrestling, this time however obtained by a woman, Tamyra Mensah -Stock.

Apparently, the wrestler would be a huge WWE fan for years and in addition to winning the Olympic medal, the girl is also the reigning world champion in the discipline and number one in the women's world ranking. During her last interview with NBCUniversal microphones, Mensah-Stock said that she would be very pleased to participate in WWE activities, with the company too appreciating it and going on to hint that in the not too distant future, the girl could get into the WWE rings.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently noted that the news of Bray Wyatt's release has led to shock and disappointment. The belief is that only a few big names like Roman Reigns are now safe in WWE. "Wyatt, 34, who had spent his entire career with the promotion, was, according to sources in the company, told by John Laurinaitis that he was being cut for budgetary reasons.

The news was a shock to most and led to a reaction that if they would cut him, who is safe with the exception of the tippy-top guys like Roman Reigns," stated Meltzer.


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