Kurt Angle on Taz's underwhelming in-ring stint


Kurt Angle on Taz's underwhelming in-ring stint

Kurt Angle used the latest episode of his now-famous podcast to analyze Taz’s brief career in the ring. The latter had come to WWE with a reputation for being a hard worker, but his journey in the Stamford company lasted far less than he might have expected.

According to Angle, the former ECW champion has always had a different vision for his character than that of Vince McMahon. Apparently, these creative differences hindered the rise of Taz, who in a short time passed in the commentary booth to general amazement.

Kurt Angle on Taz's career

“I think the main reason for Taz's short career was the creative differences with Vince McMahon. The latter was of the idea that Taz was a small boy who never had to give up in the ring, however, almost always losing to bigger athletes.

Taz, for his part, had the goal of becoming a dominant wrestler. Their positions were poles apart if you know what I mean. Taz didn't always want to be the underdog of the situation, which led to a rather quick end to her WWE journey.

Then they made him a commentator, marking the epilogue of his career in the ring. I think maybe he deserved an extra chance” - said Kurt Angle. The former Olympic gold medalist, whose career ended at WrestleMania 35, has opened up the possibility of becoming a commentator in the future.

“I have always taken this possibility into consideration, even if I have never received any real offers about it. I'm not sure why, maybe they don't think I'm fit to be a good commentator. If I receive an attractive proposal, I would consider it very carefully” - said the WWE Hall of Famer.

The former world champion will soon have to undergo a new neck operation: "A fusion surgery will be required, which I had always postponed until now. The pain I feel is almost unbearable”. On the latest episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, a former WWE Superstar recalled how he almost quit wrestling to pursue a career as a professional football player in NFL.

Angle had lost confidence in his chances as an amateur wrestler and decided to try out for his hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. "It was 1994 and I wasn't having really good luck in making the Olympic team and the World team.

So they have Olympic teams and World teams tryouts, and the first two years in 1993 and 1994 I didn't make the team. I wasn't confident enough to beat the guy that was in front of me and I decided I was gonna quit wrestling and try out for pro football. I had someone contact the Steelers and they were open to having a try out with me."

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