*Spoiler* Keith Lee appears in a dark match

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*Spoiler* Keith Lee appears in a dark match

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Keith Lee, an athlete who has recently returned to the WWE television screens, after several months of absence, apparently due to health reasons, which the covid had worsened significantly.

Despite the fact that the real problems that gripped the former NXT Champion and which therefore forced him to stay at home for a very long time, in a juncture in which Lee even had to win the title of the United States, when he did it was instead Riddle, at the beginning of the year, in the end Keith Lee returned to Raw and to talk about himself.

The topic currently on everyone's lips is why Keith is continuing to lose almost all of his matches since his return, when instead, before leaving, he was one of the most victorious characters, with two victories coming with none other than the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Apparently, as reported by us at WorldWrestling yesterday evening, Keith Lee is continuing to lose due to the storyline he is currently involved with, with WWE only following the script he has studied for him.

Keith Lee appears on SmackDown

Apparently, for the live fans who were waiting to see Friday Night Smackdown tonight, there was a very welcome surprise, namely the entry of Keith Lee, an athlete belonging to the red roster of Monday Night Raw, who however it was used by the McMahon company on tonight's show.

The former NXT Champion and North-American Champion, has seen it against the NXT Austin Theory athlete, in one of the many matches that Theory himself has carried out in the "dark" zone of Smackdown, in recent weeks.

In another dark match aired before the Smackdown live broadcast, Aliyah had a match against Dakota Kai, with the girl of Syrian origins but born in Toronto, who apparently would have been officially drafted on the main roster, but who did not he would still debut in front of the company's telecameras, instead of taking part in a dark match almost every week.

Keith Lee went on to face Lashley in a non-title match. However, he ended up losing to The All Mighty in his return match, leaving his fans disappointed. Keith Lee was away from WWE television for nearly six months and fans expected The Limitless One to get a better showing than what he got on RAW tonight.

Following his return and loss on Monday Night RAW, Lee has taken to Twitter to send the following message to the WWE Universe.