*Spoiler* No mobile phones for SmackDown fans

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*Spoiler* No mobile phones for SmackDown fans

Every so often even in WWE, some new rules are created, with fans, athletes or professionals, who should therefore comply with the rules imposed by Vince McMahon or some other manager, who follows an always new moral or television code.

Apparently, even in the live tapings of the company, a rather unusual and also very annoying news came about for the fans of the federation, who from now on probably can no longer record any images and no videos with their mobile phone, as done instead for years to all the live shows of the company.

All this was confirmed with a tweet that was later deleted by the McMahon-owned company, which however seems to have gone viral before being cancelled and which sent fans into a rage who have already bought a ticket for a future event of the company, thinking that now he will not be able to take even a photo of his favorite in the ring.

Sasha Banks kicked off SmackDown and said that Bianca Belair disrespected the SmackDown Women's title, the same title that Banks brought the spotlight on during her own reign. Bianca came out and said that if Sasha wanted to challenge her for the title, she would accept.

No mobile phones for SmackDown fans

Apparently, in the last hours, this tweet would have appeared, then immediately deleted from the social accounts of the McMahon company, which read: "TONIGHT - WWE SmackDown is in the arena!

There will be a restriction NO photo/video shooting is the policy tonight. Failure to comply with these rules will result in expulsion. Wearing a face mask is highly encouraged." This was the message posted by the WWE before the airing of Smackdown and then deleted without a reason from the important world social network.

Who knows that WWE has not now decided to enact these rules as well, for the first time in years in all of its shows? How angry will WWE Universe fans be that they cannot actually photograph or record anything in the arena of the shows they paid for? At the moment, however, there is no certainty about what, since the company may have simply taken a step longer than the leg, which it has then eliminated, trying to lose track of what has just been stated.

Jey was dominating early in the match and hit a shoulder tackle and a running forearm. Dominik took the match outside and hit a Sunset Flip on the barricades before we headed for a break on SmackDown.