*Spoiler* Smackdown: Zelina Vega breaks into a prestigious match

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*Spoiler* Smackdown: Zelina Vega breaks into a prestigious match

Last week we saw Sasha Banks return with an instant turn and John Cena managed to sign the contract for the Universal Title match for SummerSlam against Roman Reigns, but is it all valid? Meanwhile, this Friday, on Smackdown, the other two who have arrived close to the signing faced off, namely Finn Balor and Baron Corbin.

In the Amalie Arena in Tampa everything is ready, at the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin. The episode opens with the entry of Sasha Banks! The Boss tells us that Boss Time is finally back and airs the videos from last week, when she attacked Bianca Belair after their match.

The Boss starts to say that Bianca would be nothing of her without her, but she has never thanked her and in the last few weeks has seen her make several mistakes, so now she is back to make him pay. BIANCA BELAIR ARRIVES!

The champion says it was Sasha who begged her to challenge her after the Royal Rumble, then steps into the ring and Banks gets off the square. Bianca, as nice as a finger in your ear while sunbathing, asks her if she wants to take another 4 months of vacation, then adds that if she wants a titled match just ask, but ...

ZELINA VEGA INTERVENES! Zelina Vega recalls that Belair had accepted a challenge from her before Sasha returned,

Smackdown: Zelina Vega breaks into a prestigious match

But Bianca Belair reiterates that she hasn't forgotten it and decides that the match will be against her on Smackdown, while she will see her with the Boss at Summerslam.

-Backstage Rey Mysterio is not too happy that his son Dominik has accepted a match with Jey Uso on Friday, as they should focus on the match for the couple titles, but Dom promises he won't let him down. - Jey Uso vs Dominik Mysterio.

In the finale Dom is ready to fly from the stake and Jimmy tries to intervene, but Rey knocks him out of the ring. The young Mysterio, however, lets himself be distracted and gives Jey time to recover. Roman Reigns' cousin avoids the flight of his rival and knocks him out with a Super Kick, and then closes the practice with the Splash Use.

Backstage Edge, interviewed by the beautiful Megan Morant, he says tonight he will make Seth Rollins realize how selfish and disgusting he can be. 3 matches for 1 title - # 1 United States Title Contendership match: King Nakamura vs Apollo Crews.

Last week the Japanese man pinned the US Champion and, if he wins tonight, he will win a title match at the next PPV. Basically Nakamura, if he wants to become champion, he will have to pin Apollo three times. Because not everyone just comes in once a year and says ''I'm next'' or sign random contracts.

In the finale... KINSHASA! .. 1 ... 2 ... NO! COMMANDER AZEEZ STOP THE PIN! SQUAILIFY! The Commander drags Shinsuke out and actually earns him a match for the title of his client (I think, since the rules in WWE are pretty shaky lately), then he also takes a kick in the face and the King Of Strong Style goes away. must be satisfied.