*Spoiler* Edge called out Seth Rollins for being...

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*Spoiler* Edge called out Seth Rollins for being...

Backstage Paul Heyman, on Kayla Braxton's microphone, says that what happened is just a joke to give John Cena a title shot he doesn't deserve, but he has nothing to say to either the audience or the interviewer. Heyman starts to leave, but Big E appears behind him and laughs as he picks up his briefcase.

- Tamina vs Tegan Nox. In the final Tamina is ready for the Samoan Drop, but Shotzi Blackheart shoots her a ball from her tank and ... TEGAN ROLL! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! But can it be done? Isn't the regulation written '' It is forbidden to shoot opponents with a tank ''? OK.

Behind the scenes, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville inform Zelina Vega that her match tonight will not qualify for the title, but if she wins she will have the title match she so desires after SummerSlam. In short, they don't want to miss the opportunity to have Bianca against Sasha at the next PPV and this is the best way.

Perhaps. Edge made his way to the WWE SmackDown ring after being attacked by Seth Rollins last week. The Rated-R Superstar seemed furious and said if Rollins was in the arena, he would go to jail.

Seth Rollins is the new Edge

Edge reaches the square!

The Rated-R Superstar says strangely Seth Rollins isn't in the arena tonight, but basically, it's better this way, because he doesn't want to risk going to jail. Edge says he wanted to leave the past behind, but the truth is that Rollins reminds him a lot of himself.

A match between the two will lead to nothing good, but it must be done. The now ex-Messiah says that Edge thinks he always has everything under control, but they are not the same, because otherwise, he would know that there is always a plan B.

This phrase sounds familiar to me. The Ultimate Opportunist says Plan B is to challenge SummerSlam, but Seth replies that he will have to think about it. The Architect adds that his rival should also think about him because it will not be nice to receive a Curb Stomp after all the operations he has undergone and it would risk putting his life to the test as a husband and father.

Edge doesn't take it very well and gets upset by saying that he shouldn't talk about his family, adding that Seth Rollins wants to copy him, but he's just the light version of him. This time it is Seth who takes it badly and accepts the challenge for SummerSlam, promising that the opponent will regret it. While I realize that the two actually have many points in common, the match for the next PPV is made official.