*Spoiler* Finn Balor competed against Baron Corbin

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*Spoiler* Finn Balor competed against Baron Corbin

Backstage Finn Balor promises that tonight he'll make Baron Corbin pay her for getting in the middle of his Universal Title business and, after taking care of him, he'll still have an unfinished business with John Cena.

Yes, but stay calm. - The Street Profits vs The Dirty Dawgs. Match between excellent athletes, but he points out how badly the tag team division is managed. The final victory goes to the Profits after a Montez Ford Frog Splash From Heaven on Dolph Ziggler.

- # 1 SmackDown Women's Title Contendership match: Bianca Belair vs Zelina Vega. Belair wins with her KOD and Zelina will not have a titled match after SummerSlam.

Finn Balor competed against Baron Corbin

MAIN EVENT: Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin begins by apologizing to Balor, but the Irishman does not accept the apology and hits him, starting the match. Corbin has a few minutes of recovery, but then he takes them and is predictably defeated after the opponent's Coup De Grace.

After the match Balor takes the microphone and says that 3 years ago he would have taken with a smile what happened last week, but that's not the case anymore. He wants a Universal Title match against Roman Reigns and he'll get it, even if he'll have to face John Cena and everyone else.

ROMAN REIGNS ARRIVES! The Tribal Chief says he understands it and has tried to grant him that match, but when he's on his show he doesn't want to name him. Roman throws the microphone at Finn and starts to leave, but this shoves him from behind.

Then you are looking for them. Reigns retraces his steps and, in the meantime ... THE USOS ATTACK BALOR BEHIND! The Samoans land Balor and Jey gets on the stake for the Splash, but Balor moves to the last and drops Jimmy in his place, so the two brothers end up hitting each other.

The Usos are so confused that they hit themselves. The Prince gets rid of the duo champions and Reigns, still standing on the ramp, can't help but go back. BETWEEN THE TWO! Balor also rolls out the Head Of The Table. INCREDIBLE!

But the Usos are back and, in 1 against 3, Finn can't do anything. It all ends with the Prince of NXT who uselessly gives in to Guillotine of the Universal Champion. With Finn Balor having all my support for the first time in his career, this episode of the blue show ends.