Why does Keith Lee keep losing?

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Why does Keith Lee keep losing?
Why does Keith Lee keep losing?

In recent weeks, WWE has wanted to surprise its fans with several returns, especially to go and shake up the WWE Universe once the company has managed to get back on the road, after more than a year of the terrible pandemic that forced everyone fans to stay at home.

Among the many returns, there was also that of Keith Lee, the former absolute champion of NXT, as well as North-American Champion, also of the yellow roster of the company, who had already stayed at home several months ago, for problems still never known.

, which had forced him to temporarily interrupt his in-ring activity. After seeing the return of the mammoth athlete in front of none other than WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, with the former NXT Champion who had gone to challenge the All Mighty in the challenge launched by Lashley himself to anyone on the roster, Keith Lee, unfortunately, began to ring in a series of very scorching defeats, with the first coming right at the hands of Lashley.

The week after, to make Lee lose, it was instead the current champion of NXT, Karrion Kross, who had gone to avenge his first defeat at the hands of Jeff Hardy, in the absolute debut in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

Latest update on Keith Lee

Apparently, the constant defeats that Keith Lee has been ringing in the last few weeks and that he will most likely still encounter on his path in the upcoming episodes of the WWE flag show are to serve his character for a particular moment in the storyline in which he is currently involved.

As stated by the microphones of the well-known Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in fact: "They want Lee to keep losing, based on his own future storyline." Everything that Keith Lee is going through now, should therefore be part of a much bigger project, which will bring the same partner in Mia Yim's real life, to reveal the reasons that led him to stay away from the scenes for a long time.

Already in recent weeks, in fact, Lee himself would have written on his Twitter profile that he will soon reveal to fans all the reasons that have kept him away from wrestling and everything would therefore be found in a kayfabe move and nothing real.

Following his return and loss on Monday Night RAW, Lee has taken to Twitter to send the following message to the WWE Universe. He claimed that he got goosebumps from the pop that the Dallas crowd gave him and requested them to keep that up so the WWE management listens to them.

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