Why hasn't Davey Boy Smith returned to WWE yet?

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Why hasn't Davey Boy Smith returned to WWE yet?

In recent weeks, we have seen several comebacks return to the WWE rings, from Hall of Famers like Goldberg to legendary athletes not yet included in the Ark of Glory like John Cena, to the arrival of several important NXT wrestlers, such as example Karrion Kross.

Among the many returned to the scene, however, one of the former wrestlers who returned to the company with a regular contract, who had to make their return on-screen in time, is still missing, such as Davey Boy Smith Jr.

The son of the legendary British Bulldog had in fact been hired years ago by the McMahons, who had placed him in a stable all colored in the colors of the UK and Canada, in thanks to the lineage from which all three members come: Natalya, Davey himself and Tyson Kidd.

In fact, all three athletes come professionally from the teachings of the Hart family, more specifically from the great head of the family Stu Hart, who has educated uncles, grandparents, parents and closest relatives of any family in Canada, including the various Chris Jericho and Lance Storm.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. has spoken about WWE's plans

Apparently, the son of the legendary English athlete, prematurely expelled at a young age for serious problems due to the intake of various substances harmful to our body, has signed a new contract with WWE for months now and is only waiting for the McMahon to put him in any plan of the main roster, to make him appear after years.

According to what was reported in the last hours by the daily report of the PW Insider, in fact: "For those who are asking about Davey Boy Smith Jr, he has signed but has not yet been assigned to any brand, in which he will later appear."

After saying goodbye to the independent world, where Davey had to stop all requests from bookers who wanted him on their shows, the son of British Bulldog was said to have signed a contract some time ago to return to fight in WWE, but a role was never found for him in the company.

In an interview with Metro, Davey Boy Smith Jr. stated that he had talks with WWE over returning, but COVID-19 put a spanner in the works to that plan. He said, though, that he is still in negotiations with WWE. "There's been quite a bit of interest and a little bit of back and forth talking with myself and the company.

I think that the plan – or what they were hoping – was for me to come to NXT UK. But unfortunately, right now because of Covid, those doors are kind of locked, we'll see. There has been interest in me going to NXT down here in Orlando."