WWE fires many other superstars

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WWE fires many other superstars
WWE fires many other superstars

Apparently, the WWE still hasn't found peace, after the continuous layoffs arrived in recent months, now the "budget cuts" would have moved to the third roster, with important former champions and very fashionable athletes, who would have been released in the night.

The list is one of the longest releases ever made by the company in the last period and would have hit once again some unsuspecting athletes, who until last week performed quietly on the square of the third WWE brand, with someone who had even performed also in a dark match for the main roster, before the airing of Smackdown.

Among the biggest names in these releases were Bronson Reed, former North American champion of NXT and Bobby Fish, a former member of Adam Cole's Undisputed Era, now completely broken. But the list certainly does not end here, with a dozen really surprising names that overnight, as always, would have found themselves out of work, due to the continuous cuts of the McMahon company.

WWE Firing: Bronson Reed and all others released

As we said, the release list is quite long and includes the following wrestlers: - Bronson Reed - Bobby Fish - Leon Ruff - Tyler Rust - Jake Atlas - Mercedes Martinez - Asher Hale - Giant Zanjeer - Zechariah Smith - Kona Reeves - Ari Sterling.

All these names would have been confirmed by major sites such as Fightful or Ringside News and would have been released in the Italian night, while in the USA Friday Night Smackdown was aired. Among the names of the releases, there would also have ended up the referee Stephon Smith.

Now all of these athletes will have a 30-day non-competition clause with WWE and then they can try their luck elsewhere, marrying into some other major company in the US or the world. Even NXT, therefore, ends up heavily in the crosshairs of the cuts by the WWE, with some truly surprising names that have found themselves overnight without a job, without an apparently valid reason, given that in the last year the WWE has exceeded its best net profit ever, but at the same time he made changes and cuts on his rosters like never before in his life, in the history of the company.

WWE released Bray Wyatt a few days ago, sending the wrestling world into a frenzy. Now, some news has emerged surrounding his hiatus from WWE before his release. According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Bray Wyatt was absent from WWE after WrestleMania 37 because he had a physical issue that wasn't concussion-related. Barrasso further noted that Wyatt was medically cleared last Thursday before being released just two days later.

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