Jim Ross analyzes Vince McMahon's current strategy

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Jim Ross analyzes Vince McMahon's current strategy

Over the past few months, WWE has made a number of decisions that have convinced experts to believe that the sale of the company may be imminent. The numerous release waves that have characterized the Stamford-based federation in the recent period have caused a sensation, both among the superstars and among the insiders behind the scenes.

Vince McMahon's budget cuts were a way to increase profits and keep stock values high, a move that prompted analysts to ask themselves a number of questions. In the latest edition of his 'Grilling JR' podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked to comment on these increasingly persistent rumors.

“Well, I think Vince McMahon will continue to run WWE as long as his physique allows him to do so. Vince is an extraordinary businessman, but if he were to get the right offer, such as to ensure a future for even his closest collaborators - namely Triple H and Stephanie McMahon - then he'd give us a little thought.

We would be talking about a deal worth more than a billion dollars, which would guarantee a mountain of money even for the grandchildren of his grandchildren. Vince McMahon is a very sharp businessman, he always does what is most convenient from a commercial point of view.

Selling the WWE is not in his plans, but unmissable offers could take over” - explained Jim Ross.

Jim Ross opens up on Vince McMahon

The current AEW commentator also dwelt on rumors relating to the future of CM Punk: "We are talking about an exceptional athlete, able to share his experiences and competent with the other guys on the roster.

Why do so many stars choose to sign with AEW? Because they can keep a life. They have much more creative freedom, as well as have a say in creating their own storylines and recording promos. AEW shows only air once a week, so wrestlers have the right time to recharge."

Speaking on his podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross gave details about the 2-minute squash match that took place between Triple H and The Ultimate Warrior. Conrad Thompson asked Ross about the infamous spot where Warrior totally no-sold The Pedigree.

The AEW announcer said that management knew it was wrong but still went ahead with it to please Warrior. ''I'm sure Warrior probably wanted that spot in. The office knew that was not the way to go. But you gotta get over that hill of kicking out of the pedigree or no-selling the pedigree, whatever you want to say. Again, going out of our way to adhere to the insecurities and paranoia of The Warrior,'' said Ross.