Major update on Randy Orton's WWE return

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Major update on Randy Orton's WWE return
Major update on Randy Orton's WWE return

It has been weeks now that we could say missing and precisely WWE Legend Killer Randy Orton is absent from Monday Night Raw from June 21, 2021. The wrestler was involved in a storyline that saw him partner with Matt Riddle but suddenly disappeared from the scene to the desperation of her partner too.

A storyline has been staged that sees Riddle desperate and looking for his partner in every way: in the last few weeks, we have seen the former NXT wrestler who made announcements on live television, social posts and even complaints to the carabinieri, a quite particular situation and unreleased for WWE Universe fans.

Also in recent weeks AJ Styles and Omos have attacked Riddle in a 2 vs 1 and many were talking about a match valid for the RAW Tag Team Championship scheduled at SummerSlam. The continued absence of Randy Orton could change all WWE plans for this match.

Randy Orton was last seen on RAW on 21st June 2021

It was reported that Randy Orton would return in the Monday Night Raw episode of last August 2nd. WWE even advertised The Viper in commercials, but Orton didn't actually come to Raw and wasn't even backstage.

Currently, Randy Orton has been included in the inactive list but the reason for this absence has not been disclosed. As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this match was initially scheduled for the Tag Team Championship titles but given the current situation, it is not known if Randy Orton will really return to SummerSlam.

Orton is one of the most anticipated stars and in the latest episode of Raw, fans were impatient and disappointed by the wrestler's absence. Randy Orton's last WWE match came on Monday Night Raw when the wrestler was defeated by John Morrison.

Many expected Orton's return on August 2 at the Allstate Arena in Chicago but in the end the plans did not go like this and Matt Riddle is still forced to fight alone against the pair of champions titled to Raw characterized by AJ Styles and the giant its partner Omos.

Randy Orton has reportedly been put on the inactive/disabled list. However, the reason for Orton's sudden disappearance is not known at this point. Randy Orton is one of the biggest names on RAW and his absence has been hurting the red brand.

Fans are back in attendance and have been eagerly awaiting the return of the former WWE Champion. It remains to be seen if Randy Orton will make his return before SummerSlam or if WWE will have to cancel the planned RAW tag team championship match.

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