Former WWE star pledges allegiance to Vince McMahon


Former WWE star pledges allegiance to Vince McMahon

Alex Riley spent nearly nine years in WWE, where he was best known for his microphone skills. His working relationship with the Stamford federation ended in 2016, but the parties left in the best of ways and without hard feelings.

In a long exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, the former FCW world champion was asked if he would accept an offer from All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan's company has now established itself as an industry leader, having hired numerous stars who previously played in Vince McMahon's company.

Riley's response was very different from that of many of her colleagues, ready to take advantage of any opportunity to continue performing.

Alex Riley on Vince McMahon

“If they ever need me, I could only accept offers from WWE.

That is my destiny, as I have already repeated several times. I will always be loyal to Vince McMahon. If I go back to work in this business, I will do it with the man who allowed me to become who I am today," explained Alex Riley without hesitation.

Alex isn't too focused on wrestling right now, as his priorities are family and running his business. “With all due respect, I don't care about wrestling at this stage in my life. I have taken a different path and I do not intend to deviate from the current track.

I want to spend all my energy on my family and my company. I cannot exclude that one day I will return to dealing with wrestling, I am 40 years old and I still feel very young. Speaking of which, I'll have to forever thank the Rhodes family who took me under his wing.

I love Cody and his whole family. At the same time, I always remain true to my word. I pledged loyalty to WWE, so you'll never see me in All Elite Wrestling. I can assure you 100%,” he commented. There are rumors of AEW interest in Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in recent weeks.

Adam Cole has reportedly signed a short-term contract extension which will expire over SummerSlam weekend. It was added that storyline pitches for Adam Cole were made backstage at RAW and SmackDown over the past week, and it all comes down to whether he re-signs with WWE.

The NXT Triple Crown Champion's WWE contract came to an end recently, and a deal was agreed upon for him to compete through SummerSlam. Adam Cole does not have a long-term contract with WWE, and Vince McMahon seemingly hopes to convince the superstar to sign another deal.

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