Wrestling legend discusses Bray Wyatt's release

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Wrestling legend discusses Bray Wyatt's release

In recent weeks, the choice of the most important company in the world of wrestling by way of the release of Bray Wyatt, unanimously recognized as one of the greatest talents around, has really caused a sensation and created numerous controversies in WWE.

'The Fiend' had not played a match since December 2020 and everyone was wondering the real reason for this absence. From Wrestlemania 37 there was a hypothesis of a return and an alleged fight with Alexa Bliss (after what happened) but in the end, none of this happened.

Mantell reflects on Bray Wyatt

In the course of the latest episode of Sportkeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, former WWE manager and wrestling legend Dutch Mantell spoke about Bray Wyatt's experience in WWE up until his release.

"You don't have to blame the creative team or how Bray was bookmarked, the fault lies solely with Vince. He is political. I think something happened during Bray Wyatt's journey that led Vince to not trust him or maybe I don't know how to trust The Fiend.

I don't really know what happened, Bray has been there for 12 years, no one has ever complained about his work and the only thing is that he must be happy that he can now go to AEW. Which then I say AEW, but there are several companies where he can do his job.

Being released alas is part of the nature of wrestling, sorry for the fans when they see these things but in the end, this is the situation." WWE released Bray Wyatt twelve days ago, we are talking about a former WWE Universal Champion and a wrestler who made the history of the company.

This is why many fans did not like this choice at all. Bray Wyatt along with his character with The Fiend was a fundamental axis for the merchandising of the entire WWE and many in the WWE Universe were surprised by this particular situation.

As noted by Barrasso, Wyatt signed a multi-million dollar deal with WWE in 2020. The contract has a 90-day non-compete clause, which means that Wyatt has to wait 90 days following his release before he can perform for another company again.

There are many possible places for the former 3-Time World Champion to land, but fans are already pitching ideas for Wyatt in AEW. While AEW may be the leading option for Wyatt after WWE, wrestling veteran Vince Russo has an interesting idea for where the 34-year old could go after his release.