Former WWE star on working with Brock Lesnar

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Former WWE star on working with Brock Lesnar

It's over a year and a half since former WWE star Brock Lesnar has been absent from the world of wrestling and the rings of Vince McMahon's company. The strong wrestler has not participated in events regarding this business since Wrestlemania 36 and the defeat to Drew McIntyre.

Since that day, The Beast Incarnate has been linked to WWE several times, but there has never been a real return of him. Recently, with the return of the public to the stands, Lesnar and a possible return of him were discussed but there was never a real agreement.

Furthermore, in recent weeks there have been sensational rumors regarding a possible arrival of Lesnar in All Elite Wrestling, an agreement never actually confirmed.

Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent

In a Title Match Wrestling video, former WWE wrestler Heath Slater talked about Brock Lesnar and how the wrestler looks outside the ring.

The two were involved in a segment with Lesnar saying the following words to Slater': "I don't care about your kids" and later hit the former 3MB member with two duplexes and an F-5 " Even outside the ring Lesnar enjoys a 'bad reputation' but Heath Slater wanted to definitively clarify this situation: "He has a reputation that is certainly not positive, but I think it also depends on the fact that he thinks above all of himself.

When he hits you with certain moves he does his job best and you just have to move safely. He happens that he hurts you but they are things that happen in Wrestling." Speaking of his backstage attitude, Slater clarified: "I honestly think he is a very quiet person who is careful never to do anything.

I remember that when we first faced each other we organized ourselves, I just thought about not being destroyed while he was very quiet backstage and supported every decision that was asked of him." Slater recently spoke on the Such Good Shoot podcast about his segment with Lesnar.

He revealed that the “I got kids” remark was unscripted and he only said it because he forgot his lines. Jon Moxley (f.k.a. Dean Ambrose) alleged in 2019 that Brock Lesnar changed the original plan for the WWE SummerSlam 2018 main event at short notice.

He has also been highly critical of Lesnar’s approach toward their match at WrestleMania 32. WWE’s annual Survivor Series pay-per-view has had a RAW vs. SmackDown theme since 2016. In 2017, titleholders from the two brands faced off in a series of non-title matches, which meant Jinder Mahal was booked against Brock Lesnar.