Former WWE star talks about Daniel Bryan

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Former WWE star talks about Daniel Bryan

Among the many legendary WWE athletes and Hall of Famers who are remembered even years after their retirement, there is one who is always mentioned when it comes to Canada, in-ring technique and a family literally rooted in the world of pro-wrestling.

We are talking about Bret Hart, multiple world champion of the then WWF, as well as an important character also in WCW and in several other independent companies and American majors. We recall that Bret himself was the one who unveiled the design of the AEW world champion belt, presenting himself in the ring with the new belt, then went to Chris Jericho, his compatriot.

Bret Hart is very often taken as a yardstick on the in-ring technique of some performer, as if Bret, son of the legendary Stu Hart, progenitor of the Canadian Hart family, was the pinnacle of technical perfection. Nowadays, the best technical wrestlers in the world would be listed, according to experts, Daniel Bryan fits into this short list.

In his latest interview with Wrestling Inc Daily, Otis' former WWE teammate Tucker praised Daniel Bryan's talents on and off the wrestling square very broadly.

Tucker on Daniel Bryan

He said, "To me, Daniel Bryan is a modern Bret Hart.

He is the man. He is the best. Whatever scope you put it in while you're talking, doing this or how to do that, or performing something in the ring, I don't think anyone can attack someone or defend against someone like he does.

What a glorious opportunity we had to be able to fight with him and understand how his brain works, especially when we were in Heavy Machinery and he was buzzing around us. He was the architect of many innovations with Heavy Machinery, made us do things and then be ready on a large scale.

Well, how do we manage to be fair to the minutiae? How can we predict everything microscopic from day to day? How are our promos? How do our matches look like? What are the highlights of the story we are telling? And from there we started to understand how he works, to see these questions and ask people what and why, what we needed to change, at least for me, I was trying to bring home many of those details and I was always trying to have the possibility to work with someone like him."

Daniel Bryan then climbed many big ladders in the company, from becoming the WWE Champion four times to main eventing WrestleMania twice in his long and illustrious stint with Vince McMahon's company.