Lana's first appearance outside WWE announced

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Lana's first appearance outside WWE announced

In the last calendar year, WWE has gone to release several major NXT and main roster wrestlers like lightning from the blue, with the part of Raw being the most affected, with big names like those of Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Lana and many others, who found themselves without a job overnight, as WWE realized it could do without them in the weekly federation shows.

If for Bray Wyatt the situation had been complicated for some time now, with his character has received a lot of criticism in recent months and with his psychological situation largely compromised by the death of his close friend Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper in WWE), for As for Lana and Strowman, the firing came like a punch in the stomach after the two had been actively involved in multiple storylines on the main roster for months.

Lana will appear at a wrestling convention in October

Obviously, all the talents released by the McMahons, have a non-competition clause that must be respected before they can land in the rings or in front of the cameras of a new federation, with the talents of NXT having to wait at least 30 days and with the athletes of the main rosters who have to wait for 90 instead.

Among these, there is also the name of Lana, released just over a month ago, who could already at the end of September appear in some other world company, perhaps even alongside her husband Miro, in that of the All Elite Wrestling ring.

At the moment, Lana's first appearance, who has now returned to calling herself CJ Perry, will be at a wrestling convention on October 2nd when she appears in the Legends of the Ring convention. That event will be held in Iselin, New Jersey and should see Lana sign autographs and take pictures with fans and nothing more.

Apparently, Miro's recent comments on the Dynamite rings, in which he referred to a "doubly articulated wife", have not escaped the fans, who now also expect the beautiful blonde ex WWE to come to the AEW rings.

before the end of September though. Lana revealed to Chris Jericho that she was texting Mandy Rose when she got released. She couldn't even talk to her husband, Miro, following the call from John Laurinaitis. The Ravishing Russian immediately called Natalya, who has been a mentor to her during her WWE career.

"I was in the middle of texting Mandy (Rose). We were texting about other random things and I'm just like, I just got released. She was like 'Wait, what?' and I'm like 'Yeah, they literally just released me' And I called Nattie immediately. I couldn't even talk to Miro yet," said Lana.