Adam Cole was backstage at the most recent...

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Adam Cole was backstage at the most recent...

Before new and nth releases became the most sought-after topic of discussion online, WWE Universe fans following NXT were a little flustered to know that both Pete Dunne and Adam Cole might be leaving the company shortly with their agreements expiring, which the two probably had no intention of renewing.

In these cases, of course, the truth is known only by the two parties who must sign an extension agreement and therefore the wrestler and the company, but many sources close to them always have some information that comes out of the WWE internal environments and therefore online the rumors and speculations fly, as if there were no tomorrow.

Apparently, the more poised of the two NXT athletes, would be the leader of the Undisputed Era, now permanently disbanded, with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who would like him at all costs on the main roster and will therefore make an upward bid for the athlete still on the company's yellow roster on Tuesday night.

Latest update on Adam Cole

According to what was reported to the microphones of Fightful Select, a well-known overseas podcast that deals with all-round pro-wrestling, Vince McMahon himself, would like Adam Cole to land permanently on the main roster, thus abandoning the idea of ​​becoming a free agent .

As reported by well-known American journalists, in fact: "Some ideas for bringing Cole to both Raw and Smackdown have been scrutinized in the past few weeks to get him to sign again, with our inside WWE sources telling us how Cole is expected and coveted on the main roster in every way."

Apparently, Tony Khan's said to have temporarily refused to present a contract to Adam Cole, as long as he is still a WWE Superstar, considering it an incorrect move, while instead Vince McMahon would be trying to keep his athlete tooth and nail of NXT, which turns out to be one of the most loved, as well as one of the most capable of the entire yellow roster.

We'll see in the coming weeks if the entire WWE crew can convince Cole to stay or if AEW will really be the future of this other athlete currently in the Stamford company ring as well. According to WWE sources, Adam Cole has also been told that he is wanted on the main roster, and there are high chances of the superstar extending his stay in the company.

The NXT Triple Crown Champion's WWE contract came to an end recently, and a deal was agreed upon for him to compete through SummerSlam. Adam Cole does not have a long-term contract with WWE, and Vince McMahon seemingly hopes to convince the superstar to sign another deal.