Mark Henry takes a shot at WWE

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Mark Henry takes a shot at WWE

WWE continues to lay off and it really looks like no one is safe now. The WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry is also convinced of this, who in recent months has decided to abandon the WWE ship, and join All Elite Wrestling, where he currently works as an analyst and as a coach for young recruits.

After reading and listening to dozens and dozens of releases, arrived punctually almost every month, even the former leader of the Hall of Pain wanted to say about him, condemning the WWE for the new management quite wicked and warning all his former colleagues.

In his last interview, Henry spoke at length about the situation that is affecting the entire crew of the Stamford company, with the management that by now would have made the decision to go and cut anyone who is no longer suitable for him, especially if he has a big contract that needs to be paid.

Mark Henry slams WWE

To the microphones of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry said: "I just saw someone say 'NXT has just been released by WWE' I wasn't laughing heartily, but I was giggling. I shouldn't, man.

I shouldn't giggle at that, but at some point, there are so many releases that those who stay say 'Damn, man, let's write on the walls now. I could be out of here too, anytime. Maybe I need to focus on safe work. Maybe I need to go elsewhere and try to express myself at my best 'Japan, IMPACT, AEW, ROH, MLW.

Are there other places to work and do you want to stay in an already established and concrete company or do you want to be part of something that is growing, to make it better? It depends on talent to talent, but from what can be seen from the NXT situation, no one is safe by now.

This is what it feels like to me from last night - hearing that news and man, I was sitting there and perplexed about these things happening on the show. Like, hey guys, 'I'm going to throw this grenade into the room and let's see what happens' What do you think the reaction from the fans is?" A former WWE Champion also revealed a possible big match for Mark Henry in AEW.

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