Jinder Mahal opens up on The Undertaker

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Jinder Mahal opens up on The Undertaker

Jinder Mahal showed up on a motorcycle in the WWE ThunderDome during the episode of Raw that aired on July 5th. A week later, Drew McIntyre tore the bike apart before tipping it backstage. Many WWE fans have made a comparison between Mahal and The Undertaker on social media, so much so that they have given him the cute nickname of 'JinderTaker'

During a recent interview with Riju Dasgupta for Sportskeeda, the Indian superstar admitted that he laughed at all those memes while stressing that he did not want to imitate a legend of the caliber of Taker. In 2000, the 'Phenom' underwent a drastic transformation, debuting with a new biker gimmick.

A characteristic feature of the aforementioned character, known as 'The American Badass', was precisely that of entering the scene with a motorcycle rather than walking slowly to get into the ring.

Jinder Mahal on The Undertaker

"Actually, I have to admit that I really liked those memes" - confided Jinder Mahal.

“Some guys did a sort of remix of my music and merged it with that of The Undertaker. It wasn't an attempt to emulate Undertaker, there have been several superstars in WWE history who have ridden a motorcycle. We were at the ThunderDome in Tampa, which is the city I live in.

I used to drive to work, but that day I chose to bring my bike for a change. From there this idea was born” - said Jinder. The Undertaker returned to revive 'The American Badass' in the last match of his extraordinary career, the one against Jinder Mahal at WrestleMania 36 last year.

Recently, legendary Kurt Angle praised the Deadman's sense of humor: “It has always been really hilarious to work with him. He had the ability to be authoritative and likeable at the same time, which is quite rare.

His intimidating gaze was used in many segments, it guaranteed him success and recognition, but outside the ring, he knew how to be fun like few others”. The Undertaker (real name - Mark Calaway), a Texas native, would often pop up at WWE live events that were held around his area.

Ricardo Rodriguez stated that The Deadman's appearances used to surprise everyone at first. "I remember the very first time, I think we were in Lubbock, Texas. It was a house show. He [The Undertaker] wasn't announced [for the show]."

Ricardo Rodriguez continued, "I don't remember who was in the match. But everybody was in the ring, and all of a sudden, you hear the gong, and then the lights go down. Holy crap, the goosebumps! Because everybody reacted.

And I'm getting goosebumps now. The lights come back up, and then [we hear] the gong, and then they go back down again. They teased the crowd a little bit until eventually the music hit. Amazing!"