What has been the role of Triple H in the last few releases?

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What has been the role of Triple H in the last few releases?

In the last week, WWE has returned to cut heavily on its rosters, making 11 releases, this time dedicating itself exclusively to the product that is the flagship of Triple H in all respects: NXT. Among the many licensees of the WWE Tuesday night brand, the management has also eliminated very important names from the recent past of the yellow show, such as Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish and Bronson Reed, the former North American champion of the program.

In all of this, it seems, neither Triple H nor Shawn Michaels has had an active role, with the releases being thought of from the even higher floors of the company and therefore directly from the Chairman of the company and its closest associates.

So much so that by many WWE Universe fans and many insiders, Triple H's said to have been very embittered by this situation, which would sound like a resounding defeat for him, given that many of the released athletes were personal bets of him.

Triple H and HBK totally unrelated to WWE releases

Returning to the responsibility discourse, apparently, as stated by the words of the Wrestling Observer Radio Show, through the voice of the usual Dave Meltzer, we learn that: "Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Shawn Michaels had nothing to do with the recent cuts.

They were wanted and carried out by Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis, on the basis that NXT will have to change and this is one of the first steps towards this change." Apparently, as already reported in other news, Vince McMahon would have a whole new vision of NXT and how it will have to appear in the coming weeks and months, with the third roster of the federation, which will therefore have a new place, new lights, a new television format, but above all new much younger Superstars, who will be able to tow the show well before the age of 40, which is now difficult for the federation insiders.

We will see if already from the next episode of the yellow show we will have great news regarding the development show par excellence in the world of American pro-wrestling and beyond. The wrestler competed at several NXT live events the following year before getting some TV time on the main roster in 2020.

Dejournette wrestled a handful of matches on RAW and SmackDown and faced Sheamus, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in singles losses. He worked for EVOLVE briefly as part of NXT's deal with the promotion, but he also continued to appear on the Black and Gold brand, albeit sporadically.