Bronson Reed breaks the silence after his release

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Bronson Reed breaks the silence after his release

In the last wave of releases carried out by the WWE just a few days ago, unfortunately also the former North American NXT champion, Bronson Reed, who was considered by many to be one of the most agile and portentous athletes despite his size, a bit 'like Keith Lee, with such athletes capable of making really interesting and choreographic flights, despite the many extra pounds on him, which usually a wrestler does not have.

Immediately after the release came like a bolt from the blue, obviously Bronson would have remained silent for a while, trying to metabolize the bad blow that came at the hands of the company executives, with the now-former NXT athlete, who meant his only in the Italian night, with a video posted on his personal Twitter account.

Bronson Reed has shared a Twitter update

Bronson Reed has shared a Twitter update to confirm that he has been released from WWE. The former NXT Superstar was rumored to have been heading up to the main roster following his recent match against Adam Cole, which was seen as his farewell to the black and yellow brand.

Many fans saw the match as a curtain call for Reed, which it has interestingly turned out to be. In the video that we will post below, the former secondary champion of the third brand of the WWE wanted to thank all the WWE crew, especially his mentors, HHH and HBK, going to explain to his fans what situation he is in now, with the support of his wife who seems to have been fundamental for him.

This is what Bronson Reed had to say: "I had some time to reflect now and process what happened. I was really shocked, very bitter. But it didn't affect me, it did affect my wife. We are in a foreign country and my wife is a super positive person and she has always kept me positive.

I just wanted to communicate with you guys. I am really very grateful for the support I have received online, it is incredible. I mean I'm glad to feel so free and to know that you will continue to follow me, no matter where.

I wanted to thank NXT, I wanted to thank Triple H and Shawn Michaels for believing in me. I wanted to thank all the coaches; Terry Taylor, Scotty 2 Hottie, Normal Smiley, Steve Corino, all those guys I learned a lot from. I want to thank all the backstage guys too.

It was a great locker room to be a part of. I remain positive and continue to believe, without question, that I am the best super heavyweight in the world. I will continue to prove it. As they usually say, one door closes and another opens.

For me, many doors will open. Now, you just have to choose which one to enter. Thanks a lot to everyone for the support and love. Please continue to support, thank you."