The Young Bucks still make fun of WWE

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The Young Bucks still make fun of WWE

Very often, in recent months, when the WWE has made some quite particular decisions, even going to annoy its wrestlers for this, several insiders have instead made fun of these choices, such as The Young Bucks of All Elite Wrestling.

When the WWE blocked and banned the famous slap on the leg, carried out by an athlete when he had to make a Superkick, for example, with the "slapping" technique, the Young Bucks, in the company of the former WWE Matt Hardy, heavily mocked the rival company, complete with a sign hanging in the backstage of Dynamite, where there was the phrase "no slapping"

Apparently, the desire to laugh and make the world laugh along with them certainly didn't end here for The Young Bucks, with the two brothers who still hold the Tag Team belts of the second American federation, who went on to mock the WWE based on the news leaking from pro-wrestling online environments, which show the new project that Vince McMahon has in mind for the future of NXT.

The Young Bucks still make fun of WWE

After reading about the new project that the WWE Chairman's said to have regarding his third yellow brand, many fans and many insiders have had their say, with The Young Bucks obviously didn't miss the opportunity to tease Vince and associates and the WWE with a new comment in their Twitter bio.

If Vince McMahon's new vision for NXT doesn't include athletes who are too "old" and therefore start their careers over 30 years and even athletes who are too short, this was the comment of the Bucks in their personal Twitter biography.

"Very tall. Not in our 30's." The even more particular thing about this change of biography was former NXT absolute champion, Johnny Gargano also liked the screenshot of the said bio. The Young Bucks nearly signed for WWE.

However, Tony Khan offered them as much control as possible in AEW and the offer was too enticing to decline. “We talked to [WWE] endlessly,” Matt Jackson said. “At one point, I remember me, Nick, and Kenny were in a room because all of our deals were up at the same time.

We got off the phone one day and we looked at each other, and we said, ‘I think we’re all going to WWE.’ It was that close. Tony came to us at the right time and he made the right offer. I’m not talking financially, I’m talking, ‘Hey, you guys can run this thing and I want you guys to hire your people."