Former WWE star viciously attacks Goldberg

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Former WWE star viciously attacks Goldberg

Over the years, in WWE, the most disparate characters have followed one another, from the iron sergeant dressed as a military to the Arab sheikh who hated the USA to death, up to some Japanese dressed in the traditional clothes of the land of the rising sun or the French who entered the federation rings with the flag and the poodle.

In the latter case we are talking about the well-known former WWE Tag Team Champion, René Duprée, seen both on the rings of Monday Night Raw and on those of Friday Night Smackdown and at the end of his stit in WWE also in the reborn ECW as a third brand.

During his career in the rings of the McMahon family, the then very young athlete of Canadian origins, despite very often carrying a French and non-Canadian flag with him, has had dozens and dozens of very important feuds, such as the one against The Undertaker or Eddie Guerrero, passing through John Cena and Booker T.

A career that started really well, but then got a bit lost along the way, until the release of the WWE. During his stint in the federation rings, Duprée also faced none other than Bill Goldberg, before Da Man left WWE in 2004, with Duprée still being part of Raw's Résistance.

Although it has been really many years since their meeting on Raw, René Duprée would still have it to death with the WWE Hall of Famer, with his last interview given to the microphones of That 90's Wrestling Podcast, which was a real attack on Goldberg.

Goldberg is signed to a deal until 2023

As soon as the name of the WWE Hall of Famer came out, Dupée never checked himself and said: "Yes, he sprained my collarbone. We (La Résistance ed) had a pre-recorded match with Goldberg and he hit me with the American flag and we had to do at least 5 different takes.

To date, if I try to fold it, it still hurts. Yes, he really is a s**t. It's horrible, totally dangerous, many wrestlers will tell you the same thing." Apparently, after unintentionally causing the injury that ended Bret Hart's career, several other athletes have accused Goldberg of being a bit too stiff in his style, with some blows to the limit of the forbidden, which would have caused damage to dievrse people inside the rings of the WCW and WWE.

Goldberg is back in WWE and from the looks of it, Bobby Lashley is next! As much as they may boo him and be up in arms about him taking up a spot...when Goldberg returns, the crowd celebrates in unison. Goldberg is signed to a deal until 2023 and will wrestle two matches a year. There's still a large percentage of the WWE roster that he's yet to face in first-ever dream matches.