Jody Hamilton passes away at the age of 82

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Jody Hamilton passes away at the age of 82

We have been used to hearing about someone's death every day for a year and a half now, yet we still manage to be amazed and obviously sad, because it is never easy to get over a bereavement. Even in the world of wrestling, we have had a lot of verses, only this year for example Rod McMahon, the brother of Vince McMahon, died, New Jack, star of ECW, Del Wilkes called The Patriot and more recently Mr Wonderful.

But even 2020 was not at all lenient, on the contrary, if possible we know well that it was even worse, a very hard year. Discipline has lost: Ryan Stile, Road Warrior Animal, Kamala, Mitch Ryder, and announcer Howard Finkel among others.

Former WWE referee Nick Patrick has given his take on Vince McMahon’s decision to end WWE’s association with Deep South Wrestling. WWE used Deep South Wrestling as a developmental system from 2005 to 2007. The promotion was run by Patrick’s father, Jody Hamilton, and his mother.

Hamilton previously worked as the director of WCW’s Power Plant training facility.

Jody Hamilton passed away

This time we get the news of the death of another great legend of the discipline, part of the Assassins together with Tom Renesto: Jody Hamilton.

The duo began their journey in the 1960s. His son, Nick Patrick, who was known as Jody Hamilton Jr., retired wrestling referee, wrote: “I reluctantly do this post. At 2:16 today my father took his last breath on this earth.

He died comfortably, surrounded by the people who love him. Now our focus must shift to taking care of my mother. I want to thank everyone who has sent prayers and support for my family. I will communicate more information about dad, but at the moment I'm a bit stunned."

The man leaves us at the age of 82, but obviously with a beautiful heritage in the world of wrestling that no one will ever forget. In fact, his path in NWA, WCW and WWE, both in the ring and behind the scenes, has been great.

These are some of the words of the WWE: “WWE is saddened to learn that Jody Hamilton, known to fans as "The Assassin", has died at the age of 82.[…] WWE extends its condolences to Hamilton's family, friends and fans."

With an addition in the middle of the story of his extraordinary career. And the World Wrestling family also sends a warm hug to everyone close to Jody Hamilton.