WWE gets rid of Chelsea Green completely

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WWE gets rid of Chelsea Green completely

After her release from WWE, Chelsea Green said: "I have left behind memories of life in WWE. I haven't done everything I set out to do, but I'm proud of what I've been able to achieve. […] Despite that nothing has changed, I'm still the same girl, tomorrow I'll get up and start my next journey.

I'll regain control and focus on my real goal, which is to make a name for myself. [...]" And in the end, she made it because she is now collaborating with many companions to advance her career: ROH, IMPACT and NWA.

In fact, although she still has her wrist in a cast, she looks like an unstoppable woman. At this point, however, the WWE intervenes with news that has left many people perplexed, especially the wrestler who has made itself heard on Twitter.

WWE originally trademarked Chelsea Green's name in November 2020

According to reports from Fightful Select, WWE contacted Chelsea Green on Sunday to let her know that they want to release the trademark they had registered on her name so that she can use it freely.

The woman spoke about it on her personal Twitter profile, writing: "I never thought I would be in a legal battle for my BIRTH NAME... I'll discuss it in tomorrow's episode of @Greenwenvypod." As we know, wrestling companies often register what is called "in-ring names" so that no one can use them and therefore earn money that does not belong to them and this also happens to those who choose to use their first name in the ring.

Of course, it is foolish to think that one could take possession of another individual's birth name to make money and WWE should have released him immediately, just at the same time they decided to fire her. Chelsea Green is currently on a career resurgence in the professional wrestling industry.

She currently works for multiple wrestling companies, including NWA and IMPACT Wrestling. She teamed up with her fiancé, Matt Cardona in her return to IMPACT Wrestling as part of the Homecoming King & Queen Tournament.

With the trademark legal battle with WWE ending, Green can now focus on her in-ring career instead of worrying about the rights to her given birth name. WWE originally trademarked Green's name in November of 2020 when she signed a new deal with the company upon her call-up to the main roster.