WWE fans harshly blame Tommaso Ciampa

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WWE fans harshly blame Tommaso Ciampa

In the last period, both WWE Universe fans and insiders, especially the young NXT recruits, have suffered a fairly large backlash towards the niche product that has always been WWE's Tuesday night show. From its inception to today, NXT has undergone a real morphological change, with athletes who followed one another in the main event and then moved on to the main roster, which in the end also made the so-called "development" show of the company.

Some of these great athletes respond to the names of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, two of the athletes who in recent years have contributed more than others to make people talk about NXT, both for better and for worse, bringing the yellow show to be considered almost to the equal to the two most historic Raw and Smackdown.

Apparently, however, not all fans have appreciated the efforts made by Gargano and Ciampa in the NXT rings. Indeed some have even blamed them for having begun the ruin of the roster, with the current situation quite stormy in which pays the yellow show, which would be the result of their great feud which took place in the main event of several months of the show.

Tommaso Ciampa responds to the fan who accuses him

Earlier this week on WWE NXT, Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher stood toe to toe with current WWE NXT Tag Team Champions MSK. After verbally sparring for a while, Nash Carter connected with a slap on Ciampa which prompted Thatcher to attack MSK.

Speaking with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling, Tommaso Ciampa explained his actions from that segment on WWE NXT: "There are certain things that I do that are well thought out and planned in advance, that's most of the stuff that I do and then there's those moments that I have where I get lost in the moment I think.

There was no plan of kissing him, it's just something that felt right in the moment." In the last few hours, several WWE Universe fans who also follow NXT assiduously, have wanted to have their say on their social accounts, especially on Twitter, with several of them also wanting to find the culprits for the recent dark moment of the yellow roster, due to mainly to the releases of the company, however, wanted by Vince McMahon and associates.

To a fan who stated: "For me personally NXT began to lose its way when they staged those "epic" Gargano & Ciampa that sent everything beyond melodrama. Someone should have intervened when those two started looking at each other's hands in every single damn match."

Obviously, the response of the former NXT Champion was not long in coming, with Tommaso Ciampa simply posting a gif of himself, which said a lot more than what he could have said in words.