Becky Lynch is all set to be in attendance at...

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Becky Lynch is all set to be in attendance at...

We recently brought you a lot of news about the return of Becky Lynch who we miss more and more in the WWE ring and the last one was not so good. In fact, PW Insider's Mike Johnson had let us know that the redhead's return is scheduled for October: "The rumor circulating on WWE's TV recordings over the past week was that she would be back on TV this fall, with October openly discussed."

October is also a fairly busy month for the WWE and for the female roster, because there is, except for new sudden changes, the famous Draft that sees some superstars change brands, but also the Queen of the Ring, this still hasn't been confirmed by the company.

The latest news on Becky Lynch

One of the major points of discussion regarding Becky Lynch's WWE return has been whether she will join RAW or SmackDown upon coming back. She was part of Monday Night RAW last year. However, with Seth Rollins moving over to SmackDown, the possibility of her jumping brands can't be denied.

While the WWE Universe continues to sing the "Becky Becky Becky" chorus every time there is a women's match, especially with the Raw athletes or even when there is husband Seth Rollins, we remain increasingly on edge about her possible.

I come back. According to the colleagues of the PW Insider: “ can confirm that Becky Lynch is currently scheduled to be present at PPV Summerslam on 08/21. [...] Whether Lynch makes an appearance or not remains to be seen, but the plan is to have her in Las Vegas."

We remind you that Becky has been backstage at practically every WWE ppv since the beginning of 2021, mainly to support Seth Rollins and she also had plenty of time to take some more or less mysterious photos to tease the fans.

Unfortunately, we are now used to a Becky Lynch in an internet troll version who has fun like crazy to make fun of us, but we always remain with the hope that those photos will one day lead to her return because there is no happiness in the wrestling without The Man.

The WWE Universe has since been waiting for The Man to make her grand return. A previous report claimed that Becky Lynch will be returning to WWE this fall. Now, according to the latest report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Lynch will be in attendance at WWE SummerSlam 2021.