John Cena reveals how much he still loves WWE

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John Cena reveals how much he still loves WWE

One of the most important names in the entire pro-wrestling world of recent years, is undoubtedly John Cena, a WWE hero known to men, women and children of all ages, who for over a decade has literally carried only on his shoulders the entire future of the McMahon-owned company, literally living for the product and for the federation, never backing down from anything.

In fact, to many fans, the character of Cena was very disliked, due to this aura of a spotless hero that over time has built around himself, after victories and victories and still victories in the rings of all the weekly shows and ppv of the Stamford-based company.

In recent years, however, John has given up a lot from the world of pro-wrestling, to instead devoting himself to very serious personal projects, both on the big and on the small screen, becoming as much as possible, even more known and famous throughout the world of sport - show and entertainment.

John Cena is still in love with WWE

Although according to many fans John Cena is now close to retirement as an active wrestler and especially for some he seems to be increasingly distant from the world that saw him born professionally, the same WWE multi-world champion wanted to confirm how he always is.

in love as and more than the first day of the discipline, saying to the ID1OT microphones, Chris Hardwick's column: "I still watch WWE. I still watch matches when I'm there. I watch as many matches as possible, in the time available to me and try to put myself in their shoes.

When they do something that I wouldn't necessarily do, I don't say, 'What the f***, this kid doesn't understand. Why did he have to do this?' I can simply learn more, just by looking." A truly wise phrase, from a great professional like John Cena, who despite having twenty years of experience, still seeks inspiration and tries to learn something even from those younger than him, not going to criticize, but trying to understand why there may be something different from his way of seeing things.

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