*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy returns to the ring after a long absence

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*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy returns to the ring after a long absence

In the past few weeks, a feud had arisen between former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and current NXT Champion Karrion Kross, with the yellow show giant having been badly burned since his first defeat at the hands of Jeff in his debut.

on the main roster, in the rings of Monday Night Raw. According to the company's plans, Karrion Kross and Jeff Hardy would then have to continue fighting against each other in the weeks to come, with a storyline ready for the two, which at this point may have changed, after Hardy is had to stay two weeks off the show, due to his covid positivity, found a few hours after the episode of the red show 15 days ago.

Meanwhile, WWE continued to carry on the Karrion Kross storyline thanks to the intervention of Keith Lee, who was the one who was beaten at the hands of the NXT Champion and thus began to ring a series of losses that it will probably lead to a change in his character as well.

Jeff Hardy is currently signed to WWE where he earns a salary of $2.06 Million per year. This makes his monthly income $171,666.67 and weekly figures to be $39,615.38. His salary from his wrestling career forms the foundation of Jeff Hardy's Net Worth.

Jeff Hardy returns to Raw

After two weeks of absence, which served the former WWE and TNA world champion athlete, Jeff Hardy returned to the Raw rings this Monday, in a match against Karrion Kross, who this time literally paved him, causing him to surrender to his Kross Jacket, a vice in which he left him even after the bell rang, with Hardy continuing to clap his hand on the opponent's body as a sign of yielding.

Apparently, the storyline involving Kross on the main roster had to be completely different, with the NXT champion having to keep losing week after week, until Scarlett, his manager, shouldn't have come to his aid. Obviously, Scarlett's support should have triggered some mechanism in Karrion Kross's mind that should have made the athlete change his attitude bringing him back to the right path and therefore also to victory on the main roster, but it did not happen.

Vince McMahon, therefore, seems to have wanted to change his mind once again, with the storyline of the NXT Champion undergoing further changes in the coming weeks. So we just have to wait and see what happens. Jeff's brother Matt Hardy is also a professional wrestler.

Matt hardy net worth is also, a whopping amount of $5 million dollars. They together made the tag team named 'The Hardy Boyz'